glass bottle manufacturer and supplier Ruisen glass
Ruisen glass bottle manufacturer and supplier Ruisen

ruisen glass bottle manufacturer

Ruisen Glass is a professional glass bottle manufacturer that integrates production and sales. As one of China’s largest glass bottle wholesalers, Ruisen Glass has rich experience. We have advanced production equipment to produce high-quality glass liquor bottles. We can supply a wide range of glass bottles in various colors and sizes. In addition to standard bottles, you can also choose custom glass bottles. You can customize any size glass bottle from 50ml to 3000ml. Besides, we can also provide supporting products or services related to glass bottles. You can choose custom packaging and caps. We specialize in providing you with glass bottle wholesale services.

Ruisen offers a full range of custom glass packaging solutions. We let you find the perfect glass container. And we can provide free glass bottle samples.

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Liquor&Spirit Bottles

Liquor&Spirit Bottles


Choose Ruisen – enjoy exquisite glass liquor bottles and inspiring designs!


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Glass Bottles Display

Ruisen produces a variety of beautiful and attractive glass bottles. The high-quality glass bottles we craft contain timeless designs. Whether you want a modern or vintage spirit glass bottle, we have you covered. And we can add various colors and craftsmanship to your bottles. You can customize your own glass bottle with your brand logo. These are just a sample display of some of the glass bottles. If you want to buy glass bottles, contact Ruisen, a professional glass bottle manufacturer. Our MOQ: 3000

Classic Design Custom Made Color Vodka Whisky Brandy Glass Bottle With Cork

Custom Glass Bottle 500ml 700ml 750ml Custom Liquor Bottles

Empty Clear Spirits Glass Bottle Personalized Spirits Glass Bottle

Frosted Spirit Bottle 750ml Liquor Glass Fancy Frosted Glass Bottles

Super Flint glass Electroplated Spirits bottle 200ml 375ml 500ml 700ml 750ml 1L custom glass Bottle

Factory Wholesale glass Bottle Wholesale Glass Liquor Bottle

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Custom choices for Your Unique Glass Bottles

Glass Bottles’ Shape

Our custom glass packaging solutions include glass bottles in different shapes. We make sure you find the right glass bottle for your product.

  • square glass bottle
  • round glass bottle container
  • spherical glass bottle
  • conical glass bottle
  • triangular glass container
  • special shaped bottle

Glass Bottles’ Color

Our glass bottles are available in a variety of color options. Unique glass packaging can better differentiate you in the market.

  • green glass packaging
  • white glass bottle
  • blue glass packaging
  • black glass packaging
  • brown glass bottle
  • transparent glass bottle
Glass Bottles Shape
Glass Bottles Color
Glass Packaging's Size
Glass Packaging's Craft

Glass Packaging’s Size

Ruisen offers custom options for producing glass bottles in different sizes. We make sure you get glass packaging that matches your product.

We mainly provide wholesale of 50, 250, 500, and 750 ml glass bottles. Of course, you can choose any custom glass bottle from 50-3000 ml.

Glass Packaging’s Craft

We can offer different necks and finishes depending on your needs. Ruisen has mature glass bottle processing technology to meet your various needs.

  • Custom frosted glass
  • Color coated glass
  • Logo foil glass
  • Embedded glass


As a mature glass bottle factory, Ruisen has a complete automated production line. Our company’s daily output exceeds 60w, and our products are diverse. We have professional technical workers who strictly control the quality of glass bottles. After strict inspection, we package and ship these bottles centrally. Now, let’s take a tour of this excellent factory. Experience the art of glass bottle making with Ruisen! You can visit our state-of-the-art production line. See firsthand the precision and craftsmanship that goes into every glass bottle we make. Explore the process from raw materials to refined finished products. We will show our promise to quality and innovation.

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Glass Bottle Manufacturing Process

  • Material selection: The raw materials of glass bottles mainly include quartz sand and cullet. Ruisen uses super flint and high flint to create high-quality bottles.
  • Smelting: These raw materials will be put into a high-pressure furnace above 1500 degrees for melting. Thereby forming glass liquid.
  • Mold forming: We will then pour the glass liquid into molds of various shapes. The solution gradually cools and turns into a curable glass.
  • Annealing&inspection: We continue to put the formed glass products into the annealing furnace. Improve the strength and heat resistance of glass.
  • Printing: We can decorate or print glass bottles according to customer needs. For example, add your brand logo.
  • Assembly: Finally, we conduct a quality inspection on the glass bottles. Qualified products will be properly packaged and shipped to the market.

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Are our glass bottles recyclable?

As a responsible glass bottle supplier, we always maintain the concept of sustainable development. Our glass bottles are 100% recyclable. The raw materials of bottles are mainly broken glass, quartz sand, and materials such as sodium carbonate and limestone. The glass bottles produced by Ruisen are infinitely recyclable, non-toxic, and will not deteriorate. Glass packaging is environmentally friendly and can enhance your corporate image. You just need to clean the glass bottle, and you can reuse it for food or drinks. Even more interesting is that the glass bottle can also be turned into a decoration. It can serve as your vase, candle holder, or even a lamp.

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100% recyclable glass bottles

Glass bottle Manufacturing Equipment

Advanced equipment ensures daily production efficiency and product quality

Production equipment display

Advanced equipment display

Make samples for customers

Product quality inspection

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Why choose us for your glass bottle supplier


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    Ruisen specializes in glass bottle manufacturing. It has advanced equipment and mature technology. This not only improves production efficiency but also ensures product quality. This also makes the company more competitive and improves its market position. Ruisen can make good glass bottles with the same shape and exact size.
    Meanwhile, we can also flexibly respond to different production and customization needs. Contact us and we can produce, package, and ship quickly. Our glass bottles will arrive to you safely and to your satisfaction.

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    glass bottle manufacturer

    What Our Customer Say

    I think Yuncheng Ruisen is one of the very good suppliers in China. Their person in charge responded quickly and the goods were shipped on schedule. Documents and drawings promised at the time of contract can also be delivered explicitly. We inspected the product upon arrival. And the quality of the product we received was better than we expected.

    Very good product. The packaging of the glass bottle is also very good. Product received in perfect condition. We feel everything is fine.

    Excellent glass bottle product and a pleasure to work with. Communication was very smooth and the price was right. We are willing to order again.

    Ruisen is probably the best glass bottle supplier in China. I had a very pleasant experience with this supplier. The quality of their merchandise and service are top notch.

    The company is very professional and the seller is friendly and helpful. The glass bottles are of high quality. I am very pleased with the results of this order.



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