After-sales service

With customer satisfaction as the criterion, the standardized management of customer service has formed a unique culture of high-quality service and customer-centered. The customer service Center will fully implement the strategy of “customer orientation, value-added service”, so that more customers can enjoy the heart-to-heart service. Relying on innovation and excellent quality, produce high-quality products, create good benefits, and create a beautiful and brilliant tomorrow with you! According to the actual needs of each valued customer, we can provide professional and personalized whole-process application solutions to help our customers enjoy high standards of professional services at a lower cost.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions in the process of using our products, please feel free to call the customer service Center service phone, Monday to Sunday 8:00-23:00 manual service will be ready to accept your questions, while you can also contact us online through the website.
National customer service hotline: +8618300580068 unified reception and record customer information.

Perfect service quality control system, so that from the reception of information to customer satisfaction are included in our relevant evaluation standards;
Unified service management rules and norms, to ensure that customers can enjoy professional, efficient, caring service.

Customer Inquiries:
Just call our service number: +8618300580068 or email [email protected], our customer service staff will provide you with quality service to answer your questions.

Comments and Suggestions:
If you have any suggestions or problems that we haven’t noticed or haven’t solved well, please give them to us. You can call +8618300580068, email [email protected], or contact us through the website.
Whether it is business, service, management, or about the website, we sincerely welcome.

Customer Complaints:
If you are not satisfied with our services, products, or any other aspects, please tell us in time, so that we can continue to improve and provide you with more and more quality service! You can make a complaint by calling,
You can also make an online complaint through our website and our customer service staff will deal with it promptly and inform you of the result within one hour.

Complaint phone: +8618300580068 Complaint email: [email protected]
1, if you are planning to choose our products, customer service center experts will be happy to serve you, in a short time to let you familiar with the product.
2. If you are our sellers or users, we hope that you often contact us through the national service hotline +8618300580068 mailbox [email protected] or through the contact information on the website. We will also visit you by phone, E-mail, letter, meet and other ways.