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Custom Vodka Bottles Manufacturer

Vodka is a classic strong alcoholic beverage, usually made from pure grains or potatoes. It is known for its clarity, clean taste, and delicate aroma, which is very important for packaging bottles. A thin-necked, tall, slender, shoulderless glass bottle is the ideal container for spirits. Vodka is usually stored in a well-sealed bottle so the neck can be upright or slightly curved. The capacity of the bottle usually has a variety of options, depending on the alcohol content of the spirit and the regulations of each region. The available sizes range from 50 ml to 1 liter. The label on the bottle can tell you the alcohol content of the vodka, the volume, the ingredients, and the manufacturer.
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wholesale glass vodka bottle supplier Ruisen

If you want to buy premium quality vodka bottles at wholesale prices, then China vodka bottle manufacturer Ruisen can meet your needs. Ruisen's glass bottle factory provides customized bottles for luxury vodka brands worldwide. We have decades of experience in vodka bottle manufacturing, and our prices are very competitive with low minimum order quantities. Working with the Chinese top vodka glass bottle factory can make your vodka business more attractive with a more affordable solution.

An important part of building a spirits brand is the spirit's flavor and the bottle's overall design. The shape and style of the bottle will have a great impact on potential consumers. Ruisen has a large inventory of vodka bottles. Contact us for a free quote to learn how to use Ruisen's glass bottle manufacturing services to customize high-quality, unique glass spirits bottles for your premium spirits brand.

wholesale vodka bottles - Custom Vodka Bottle Capacity

Ruisen is a supplier of 750ml vodka bottles with caps. Our design team can design unique vodka, whiskey, rum, and gin glass bottles. We will strictly control the entire process, from initial design drawings to mold samples. Ruisen provides custom liquor bottle services, which can reflect your brand image and increase people's desire to buy. You can customize any size from 50ml to 3000ml. Among all sizes, 750ml vodka glass bottles are the best-selling.

  • 1.69 oz                             50 ml
  • 3.4 oz                               100 ml
  • 6.8 oz                               200 ml
  • 3.16 oz                             93.5 ml
  • 6.32 oz                            187 ml
  • 12.7 oz                               375 ml
  • 25.36 oz                             750 ml
  • 59.2 oz                               1750 ml
  • 50.7 oz                               1.5 L
  • 101.4 oz                              3 L
Capacity Of Wholesale Whiskey Bottles

Custom vodka bottle by shapes

Vodka bottles come in many shapes, and we offer bottles in a variety of classic shapes, including flasks, stout bottles, squares, and other decorative bottles. At the same time, we also provide custom vodka bottle services, and you can customize bottles of any shape. Contact us now to discuss your design, and we'll send you a sample right away. Of course, you can also tell us your ideas, and we have a professional design team to help you design customized glass liquor bottles that match your brand.

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Features of Custom Glass Vodka Bottles

  • High transparency: Glass is extremely transparent, clearly showing the vodka's quality. The surface of a glass bottle is beautiful and glossy. Glass is also heavy and has a certain sense of weight.
  • Sturdy and durable: The sturdy structure of a glass vodka bottle allows it to store vodka for a long time and prevent the invasion of external pollutants.
  • Design diversity: Glass material is easy to process and can be made into various shapes, sizes, and styles.
  • Process details: The surface of the bottle can be processed by a variety of processes, such as engraving, embossing, spraying, silk screen printing, etc. The label design on the bottle is also very important, generally including brand logo, product name, alcohol content, capacity and other information.
  • Sealing: Glass bottles are usually equipped with high-quality closures, such as screw caps, corks, or plastic caps, to ensure that the wine is sealed and stored without leakage or deterioration.
  • Anti-chemical reaction: The glass material has no chemical reaction to vodka and will not affect the taste and purity of the wine, ensuring safe drinking.

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Features of Custom Glass Vodka Bottles

lids of vodka bottle wholesale

Vodka bottles usually use cork to seal the bottle's mouth. Ruisen provides a variety of bottle caps with good sealing properties, including synthetic wooden stoppers, glass stoppers, plastic caps, aluminum caps, and crystal caps. Some high-end Vodka may use bottle stoppers made of unique materials and designs to enhance the quality and image of the product. Contact us to customize your vodka bottle cap.

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Custom packaging for vodka glass bottles

We package your vodka bottles using a combination of cartons and pallets. Our cartons are extremely strong and can hold multiple bottles safely. A layer of partitions separates each bottle to prevent them from hitting each other during transportation. Ruisen also offers custom packaging that matches your brand image. You can choose the carton's color and display product information, brand logo, or other patterns on it.

whiskey bottle packaging
Custom whiskey bottle packaging
Whiskey glass bottle packaging
whiskey bottle wholesale packaging

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Vodka glass bottle material

Vodka bottles are usually made of high-quality glass. The glass material has good transparency. It can also provide good protection to ensure the freshness and quality of the vodka.

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Why choose Ruisen Glass vodka Bottle Manufacturer?

  • Our strength is custom vodka bottles. Ruisen offers various customization options, including capacity, shape, color, and cap type.
  • Regarding quality, our glass bottle processing factory has a clean environment, the workshop is kept dust-free, and we have a strict quality management department and quality control team.
  • In addition, Ruisen provides you with low-cost glass packaging solutions. If we have an existing vodka bottle mold, we can make samples directly and start mass production after confirming the sample. If you need a custom mold, please provide a technical drawing, and we will make a new mold according to the drawing and mass-produce it.
  • In short, Ruisen Vodka Bottle Manufacturer will provide a one-stop solution to ensure your vodka is attractive in the market.
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