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700ml Glass Bottles Wholesale

1. Spirit/liquor bottles: 700ml glass bottles are suitable for storing and packaging spirits. Such as whiskey, tequila, vodka. This capacity is a common specification for many spirits brands. Wholesale 700ml glass liquor bottles are suitable for consumer purchase and home use. These bottles usually come with a label, cap, or stopper. This maintains the quality and taste of the drink.

2. Wine and champagne bottles: 700ml glass bottles are suitable for storing and bottling wine and champagne.

3. Beverage bottles: 700ml glass bottles are also suitable for storing and bottling various beverages. Such as juice, syrup, beverage samples, etc.

4. Medicinal or refined oil bottles: Wholesale 700ml glass bottles are also suitable for storing medicines or essential oils. This capacity is ideal for storing large quantities of herbal formulas, natural essential oils, perfumes, etc.

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Product introduction of 700ml glass bottle wholesale

Capacity 700ml(23.7oz)
Color Transparent, Red, Blue, Black, Orange, Brown, etc.
Shape Cylindrical, square, rectangular, round bottom bottles and flat bottles
Material High white material and crystal white material
Craft Frosted, color coating, logo screen printing, logo hot stamping, decorative firing, polishing, electroplating

The raw material of wholesale 700ml glass liquor bottles is lead-free glass. This non-toxic glass is a healthy choice for consumers. The bottom and body of the 700ml glass bottle have a very streamlined design. This increases the aesthetics and practicality of the 700ml glass liquor bottles. This design makes the glass bottle easy to store and transport and not easily damaged. The Ruisen 700ml glass bottle adopts a thickened base, which is non-slip and durable. As a unique glass wine bottle manufacturer, we offer custom 700ml glass bottle services. You can tell us your preferences for patterns, shapes, colors, sizes, etc.

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Why choose the 700ml glass bottle wholesale

Market demand: The 700ml glass bottle is a relatively standard capacity. This capacity is particularly suitable for alcoholic drinks such as whiskey and vodka. 700ml meets the standards of many international markets and industries. This capacity can make the product more easily accepted and recognized.

Consumer Preference: Alcoholic products are generally considered to be medium-sized in 700ml bottles. This capacity is sufficient for individual consumer needs and for gifting or sharing. This mid-range size provides flexibility for a variety of consumer needs.

Economic considerations: Producing 700ml glass bottles may be more economical for production and shipping. The 700ml size may be easier to handle than larger bottles. This reduces manufacturing and shipping costs.

Industry standardization: In some beverage industries, 700ml may be a standard bottle capacity. This helps build consistency and brand recognition in the market.

Why Choose The 700ml Glass Bottle Wholesale

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Application of 700ml glass bottle wholesale

700ml glass liquor bottles can be used as packaging containers for liquor beverages. Such as whiskey, vodka, brandy, tequila, rum, etc. 700ml glass bottles are also a typical capacity in commercial sales. This capacity is suitable for retail outlets and venues such as bars.

At the same time, the 700ml glass bottle is also suitable for personal consumption. You can package it and give it as a gift to your friends. You can also use it to make homemade condiments, wines, jams, and other DIY products.

You can use 700ml glass bottles to store liquid foods such as juices, sauces, oils, etc.

700ml glass bottles are also suitable for holding various beverages, such as water, soft drinks, tea, etc.

On special occasions, holidays, or celebrations, the 700ml glass bottle can be used for dispensing drinks or as decoration. You can customize personalized 700ml glass bottles for wholesale. Use it for special event promotions or souvenirs.

 Where to Buy 700ml Glass Bottles?

You can purchase 700ml glass bottles from a variety of retailers. This includes local supermarkets, liquor stores, or online platforms like Amazon, eBay, or specialist packaging suppliers. Please check with your preferred local store. Or you can browse a variety of options online to suit your needs.

Ruisen glass bottle manufacturer is a good choice. This glass bottle supplier has many years of experience in the glass industry. You can buy any spirit bottle, mainly including whiskey bottles, brandy bottles, and vodka bottles. We are an integrated glass bottle factory that can meet your bulk ordering needs.

Where To Buy 700ml Glass Bottles

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Factors To Consider When Buying 700ml Glass Bottles


Compare prices from different suppliers. Make sure the 700ml liquor glass bottle you choose fits your budget. Ruisen glass bottle manufacturer gives you the best wholesale price.

Regulations and Standards

Make sure the bottle you select complies with relevant regulations and industry standards. Do you plan to use glass bottles for food or beverage packaging? Please trust Ruisen, our glass bottles meet the highest industry standards.

Factors to Consider When Buying 700ml Glass Bottles


Quality and Thickness

Make sure the glass bottle has enough quality and thickness. Make sure the 70ml glass bottle holds the liquid contents securely. Ruisen is a mature glass bottle manufacturer. They specialize in creating thick-bottomed glass bottles to prevent breakage or damage.


Check the tightness of the bottle cap. This prevents leakage or contamination of the liquid inside the bottle. Make sure the cap provides a reliable seal. As a professional glass bottle manufacturer, Ruisen provides tight glass bottle caps.

Appearance and Design

Consider the appearance and design of the 700ml glass bottle. Ruisen meets your packaging needs and aesthetic standards.


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Detailed Display Of 700ml Glass Bottles Wholesale With Caps

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