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Brandy Bottles

1. Capacity and shape: Brandy bottles usually have a larger capacity, generally 700ml to 1 liter. This is because brandy usually requires a certain amount of time to age, so a larger volume of liquor needs to be stored. Brandy bottles are generally stocky in shape and sometimes have a slightly flattened bottom to make them easier to pour out and drink.
2. Glass material: Brandy bottles are generally made of high-quality glass material to ensure the quality of the product and the shelf life of the liquor. The glass is usually thick and shiny, and since brandy usually ages for a long time, this strong material can provide good protection and durability.
3. Cork and seal: Brandy bottles usually use cork to seal the bottle and ensure the freshness and quality of the liquor. Some bottle stoppers may be made of plastic or metal, and sometimes have wood stoppers as a decoration or part of the aging flavor.

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