Yuncheng Ruisen Glass Co., Ltd Vodka bottle

Ruisen Glass covers an area of more than 160,000 square meters, under the jurisdiction of 5 subsidiaries. Is a glass bottle research and development, design, production, screen printing, spray color, flower baking, electroplating and export as one of the comprehensive large-scale production enterprises.

Meet customers’ one-stop service needs. The company has gathered a group of senior professionals, they have accumulated rich, advanced technology and management experience after years of precipitation; And the introduction of the most advanced production equipment, standardize product cleanliness, improve product accuracy.

Company characteristics :(1) Good quality glass bottles – in the same industry, stable quality, high transparency, good finish, quality is guaranteed. (2) More than 5000 series, replacement of new products within 2-5 days. (3) Complete facilities – with bottle cap factory, mold factory, carton factory, handicraft processing plant, to achieve one-stop service. (4) The best reputation – in the glass bottle industry, especially the supply customers, good reputation. glass bottle

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