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Perfume Bottles

Ruisen is one of the top perfume bottle manufacturers in China. This company is specializing in the perfume bottle production. We use the highest quality glass materials to manufacture our glass bottles. And we manufacture our glass perfume bottles using advanced production processes and technologies.

The glass perfume bottles we produce have novel designs and smooth lines. And our wide range of perfume bottles includes all shapes, colors and sizes. At the same time, we can carry out customized designs according to the different needs of customers to meet their different needs.

Our company is a professional perfume bottle maker. We believe that glass perfume bottles are an eco-friendly packaging. Our perfume bottles enjoy a high reputation among our customers. We always prioritize quality and customer satisfaction. Contact us now and we will design unique glass perfume bottles for you.

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types of perfume bottles

Transparent glass perfume bottle
Transparent Glass Perfume Bottles
square glass bottles

Square Perfume Bottles

mini perfume bottle
Mini Perfume Bottles
Mesh Glass Perfume Bottle
Mesh Glass Perfume Bottles
Glass Perfume Bottle
Glass Perfume Bottles
Cylindrical Glass Bottles
Crystal Perfume Bottle
Crystal Perfume Bottle
Square glass perfume bottle

Square Glass Perfume Bottles

50ml perfume bottles

50ml Perfume Bottles

Options for Custom Perfume bottles manufacturer

SizesCommon: 250ml, 500ml, 700ml, 750ml and 1000ml      Custom: From Mini 50ml to Large 5L
ShapesSquare, Round, Oval, Rectangular and etc.
ColorsClear, Red, Green, Brown, Blue, White, Black, and etc.
CraftsColor coating
Logo silk screen
Logo foil stamping
Decorative firing
Bottle surface polishing process

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Advantages of glass perfume bottles

Transparency and Beauty

Transparency and Beauty

Glass is a clear material that shows the color and clarity of perfume. This makes the overall look more attractive. Glass can also be customized with a variety of shapes and designs.



Glass is a relatively inert material. It does not react chemically with the ingredients in the perfume. Therefore the glass bottle can better maintain the stability and original aroma of the perfume.

Barrier performance

Glass has good barrier properties. It effectively prevents external factors such as air, moisture and light from affecting the fragrance. This helps extend the shelf life of the perfume and maintain its quality.



Glass can be recycled, which reduces the impact on the environment from packaging. When the glass perfume bottle is used up, it can be recycled and reused to reduce the burden on the environment.

Why Choose Us For your perfume bottles manufacturer

Unique Customization Capabilities

Ruisen is a custom perfume bottle manufacturer. We stock glass perfume bottles in various sizes and shapes. You can buy10ml perfume bottle and 30ml perfume bottle. You can also choose custom perfume bottles to highlight your business. Good glass perfume bottle packaging can attract customers to you. So you need to choose a trustworthy perfume bottle supplier.

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Professional Technical Expertise

Ruisen is a mature perfume bottle manufacturer. The company has large-scale automated glass bottle production equipment. We have professional technicians to design and inspect your perfume bottles. Therefore, our glass bottles have uniform standards. At the same time our technical staff are constantly learning and innovating.

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High Quality Products

Our perfume bottles are not only beautiful, but also have a high degree of quality assurance. The bottom of every glass perfume bottle is very thick. We carefully control every glass bottle production process, aiming for perfect perfume bottles. In addition, we also adopt modern production equipment. This further improves product quality and stability.

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