Ruisen Glass Company public introduction to glass bottles

The factory was established in September 2009.9

New factory 2017.4

The factory covers an area of 50000 square meters
The new factory is 60,000 square meters

Factory warehouse area 20000 square meters old factory
New factory 30000 square meters

800 employees

There are 70 scientific researchers

The daily output is 600,000

The annual revenue is 290 million RMB

More than 10,000 types of products

Check items Thermal inspection hardness appearance drawing Dimensions Drawing requirements

The inspection process starts with the first product
Random inspection 3 times per shift
The last product after work
The person in charge acts as the shift quality inspector

Check the thermal inspection management crew at every level
Appearance bottle picker
General inspection inspection

Production line 3 crystal white furnace each furnace 2 lines each line 6 material channels

2 glass jar flower oven

2 automatic glazing lines

Production model 6S 7S 8S 9S automatic mechanized production line, CNC operation molding fast output multi-size stable bottle thickness uniform

Multi-material weight adjustment 80g to 2500g free adjustment

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