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Custom Glass Liquor & Spirit Bottles Wholesale

Ruisen Glass Bottle Manufacturing Company has over 20 years of experience in the glass packaging industry. Over the years, our company has continued to innovate ways to make better-quality glass bottles. This innovation also makes us one of the top custom liquor bottle manufacturers in China. Our constant pursuit of innovation ensures the superior quality of our glass containers. In particular, our liquor and spirit bottles shine among diverse glass products. Our wholesale empty glass bottles are made from the highest quality glass material. And our glass bottles include designs in various aspects such as size, shape, color, and cap. A wide variety of glass bottles are available to meet the packaging needs of alcoholic drinks. This includes whiskey, tequila, vodka, and more.

As one of the most trusted glass liquor bottle suppliers in China, we are committed to designing the ideal bottle for your brand. We are happy to provide free samples to prove our glass bottle’s quality and design details. Contact us today to create your unique brand.

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Unique Custom Liquor/Spirit Bottle Manufacturer

Ruisen is proud to provide high-quality glass bottles to valued customers worldwide. At the same time, we have a professional foreign trade service team. They offer professional suggestions for the glass bottle design. You just need to provide us with the shape and size of the glass bottle. Our designers can provide a suitable design or style right away. We can immediately produce matching samples for your review if you have specific design ideas or drawings.

We understand how important product design and packaging are in the fierce market competition. At Ruisen, we create custom liquor bottles based on your specifications. We can custom design many bulk liquor and spirits bottles to better suit your needs. Our glass spirits bottles include unique and diverse designs. These designs include Vase, Skull, Boston round, and our popular 750ml heterosexual bottles. When choosing custom alcohol bottle suppliers, you must carefully check size, style, and quality.

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Why Choose The 700ml Glass Bottle Wholesale

Many of our spirit bottles have earned rave reviews from our partners. Ruisen has been cooperating with many bars and alcohol stores for many years. Our designers can also provide some sound advice to ensure you get the most ideal design for your liquor bottle. We also offer a wide range of options, from clear glass bottles to colored and gradient colors. This ensures our categories are in line with market trends.

Contact us today and get stylish, beautiful, and long-life glass containers from the best liquor bottle manufacturers!

Lids, stoppers for Glass Spirit&liquor Bottles

We also offer many standard caps for glass spirits bottles. These include glass, cork, metal, and anti-counterfeit caps. Diversified bottle caps realize the functions of glass bottles while adding product design. You can choose the best lid for your glass liquor bottle from twist caps and other lids. To highlight the design, you can also add your design and label on the bottle cap or mouth to enhance your brand awareness.

metal glass bottle caps
glass lid
cork glass bottle cap
Why Glass Is the ideal Materials for Glass Spirit Bottles

Why use Glass for Your Spirit&Liquor Bottles

Glass bottles are the best container for preserving spirits and liquors compared to any other material. This is because the chemical structure of glass is more stable than other materials. This structure protects the spirit against possible oxygen and carbon dioxide leaching. Spirits in glass bottles do not get contaminated or change their flavor. Most glass liquor bottles are transparent, so consumers can see what's inside, making them more willing to purchase their product.

The use of glass liquor bottles represents the taste and dignity of a company. Glass containers add even more extra value to the products. Using a glass bottle with unique design that reflects your brand can increase your brand awareness and market share. Contact our team of professional designers to learn about glass alcohol bottle designs that meet the market and quickly increase product sales.

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Market needs for liquor glass bottles

Looking for the ideal container solution? Whether you are a brewery, a bar, or a collector, our high-quality glass liquor bottles suit you. More than containers, these bottles are a blend of quality and innovation.

  • Alcohol producers: Producers of alcoholic beverages, including wine, whiskey, vodka, rum, etc., need glass spirits bottles to bottle and package their products.

  • Bars and Restaurants: Bars and restaurants often need glass liquor bottles to decorate the bar. They also serve a variety of cocktails, mixers, and other alcoholic beverages to their customers.

  • Wineries and Vineyards: Wineries and vineyards often need glass spirits bottles to bottle their own wines and use them in distribution channels. Individuals or small winemakers also use glass bottles to contain their own brewed alcoholic products.

  • Gift and Custom Liquor Bottle Suppliers: some companies specialize in producing custom alcohol bottles. They supply custom glass liquor bottles for personal, corporate, or special event use. Ruisen is a custom glass bottle manufacturer in China. If you need custom glass spirits bottles, contact Ruisen.

  • Individual Collectors: Some people may collect different types of glass bottles, including spirit bottles. They display or invest in these liquor bottles as collectibles.

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Why choose Ruisen glass bottle & packaging?

Liquor & Spirit Bottles Wholesale

Ruisen's goal is to remain one of the best liquor bottle suppliers. Thus, we offer glass liquor bottles at competitive wholesale prices. Our glass bottle factory occupies an area of 60,000 square meters. It has the latest automation equipment. Our daily output reaches more than 600,000 glass bottles. Such advantages allow us to fulfill large wholesale orders while ensuring the uniform quality of glass bottles. Ordering spirit bottles in bulk from Ruisen also offers the following advantages:

Excellent customer service

We have a mature technical team to provide professional support to our customers. Ruisen answers all your questions and will continue to assist customers after they have completed delivery. If you have any questions, please leave us a message immediately, and we will try to provide you with the most suitable help.
750ml Glass Bottles Wholesale

Strengthen quality control

All Ruisen glass bottles follow strict quality standards. These standards ensure that all our products are manufactured to consistent specifications. Our dedicated quality control team is responsible for checking whether all glass bottles are qualified. For defective glass bottles, we will record and analyze them in detail to avoid breakage as much as possible.
Prompt delivery

Prompt delivery

We have many large-scale automated production equipment. They can produce thousands of glass bottles at the same time. So we can guarantee timely delivery of products on the agreed date. We will stay in touch with you throughout the entire process until you receive a product you are satisfied with. Rest assured that our glass bottles will reach you safely and quickly.

Mature and unique glass packaging design

Our team of experts combines glass design with your branding. We'll work with you to create one-of-a-kind product designs. And we also have skilled glass craftsmen who transform designers’ ideas into reality. They use various decorative techniques, such as frosting and foil stamping, to create distinctive glass bottles that appeal to your target market.

Simplify the production process

The production of most of our components is done in-house. This simplifies the production process and shortens the supply chain. Glass alcohol containers are made on-site to uniform standards. Accessories for glass spirit bottles are also assembled on-site to ensure all parts and matched quantities are included. These processes ensure consistent bottle standards and reduce manufacturing time and production costs.

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