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Custom Whisky Bottle Manufacturer

Located in Yuncheng, Shandong, Ruisen is one of the most reliable custom whiskey bottle manufacturers. We offer various customization options to ensure our whiskey glass bottles meet your personalization and branding needs. Our company has a team of experienced experts who work with you to create high-quality and perfect whiskey bottles.

As an innovative whiskey bottle supplier, we offer custom glass bottle wholesale services and outstanding glass packaging solutions. If you need any unique whiskey bottle design, please feel free to contact our experts. From whiskey bottle size and shape to unique colors and caps, we can meet your needs.

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Capacity of wholesale whiskey bottles

The capacity of whiskey glass bottles is usually between 700 ml and 1 liter. There are also a few special styles of whiskey bottles with larger or smaller capacities. Ruisen offers a custom whiskey bottle service, you can customize any size from 500ml to 3000ml.

  • 1.69 oz                             50 ml
  • 3.4 oz                               100 ml
  • 6.8 oz                               200 ml
  • 3.16 oz                             93.5 ml
  • 6.32 oz                            187 ml
  • 12.7 oz                               375 ml
  • 25.36 oz                             750 ml
  • 59.2 oz                               1750 ml
  • 50.7 oz                               1.5 L
  • 101.4 oz                              3 L
Capacity Of Wholesale Whiskey Bottles

Custom whiskey bottle by shapes

Whiskey bottles come in many shapes, and we offer bottles in a variety of classic shapes, including flasks, stout bottles, squares, and other decorative bottles. At the same time, we also provide custom whiskey bottle services, and you can customize bottles of any shape. Contact us now to discuss your design, and we'll send you a sample right away. Of course, you can also tell us your ideas, and we have a professional design team to help you design customized glass bottles that match your brand.

Custom Your Own Whisky Bottles by crafts

The label of the glass bottle plays a key role. It provides product information and is an important tool for brand recognition. Besides, labels can also convey the quality and value of the product, attract customers' attention, and promote sales.

Logo screen printing
Screen printing technology can produce precise, vivid images on glass bottles, increasing the product's visual appeal and brand recognition. This technology supports multi-color printing and can achieve complex designs and color effects. It is a practical and beautiful decoration method.

Hot stamping
A dazzling logo or pattern is created on a glass bottle using high temperatures to emboss metal or brightly colored foil into designated locations on the bottle. This technique increases the product's visual appeal and enhances the brand image.

Frosted technology can give glass bottles a unique texture and beautiful appearance while enhancing hand feel and anti-slip properties.

This technology provides colorful visual effects, improves the glass's abrasion and chemical resistance, and provides UV protection. Different pigments and coating techniques can create a wide variety of colors and effects, such as transparent, translucent, opaque, or pearlescent effects.

Of course, in addition to these, you can also choose custom caps and custom packaging for your whiskey glass bottles.

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Custom Your Own Whisky Bottles by crafts

lids of whiskey bottle wholesale

Whiskey bottles usually use cork to seal the bottle's mouth. Ruisen provides a variety of bottle caps with good sealing properties, including synthetic wooden stoppers, glass stoppers, plastic caps, aluminum caps, and crystal caps. Some high-end whiskeys may use bottle stoppers made of unique materials and designs to enhance the quality and image of the product. Contact us to customize your whiskey bottle cap.

Custom packaging for whiskey glass bottles

We package your whiskey bottles using a combination of cartons and pallets. Our cartons are extremely strong and can hold multiple bottles safely. A layer of partitions separates each bottle to prevent them from hitting each other during transportation. Ruisen also offers custom packaging that matches your brand image. You can choose the carton's color and display product information, brand logo, or other patterns on it.

whiskey bottle packaging
Custom whiskey bottle packaging
Whiskey glass bottle packaging
whiskey bottle wholesale packaging

Whiskey glass bottle material

Whiskey bottles are usually made of high-quality glass. The glass material has good transparency. It can also provide good protection to ensure the freshness and quality of the whiskey.

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