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Glass bottles are a common container for storing various types of wine. Glass containers have the advantages of transparency, sealing and protection. The label and decoration of the glass bottle can reflect the character and uniqueness of the brand. The design and manufacturing of glass wine bottles pay attention to the preservation and quality of wine, consumers’ aesthetic feelings, and the communication of brand image.

Ruisen is a custom wine glass bottle manufacturer in China, providing wholesale services for wine bottles in many colors. As a professional wine glass bottle factory, we offer wine bottles in different colors, sizes, and designs. Our glass wine bottles are durable and have thick bases that can be used as souvenirs and gifts. For bottle caps, we generally offer natural corks, which have a traditional appearance and are considered a sign of high-quality wine. If you need wholesale glass wine bottles, Ruisen can provide a wide range of options that suit your needs.

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Custom wine bottle sizes and shapes

Custom wine bottle sizes and shapes

Ruisen is a professional wine bottle manufacturer. We offer various wine bottle sizes and shapes to suit different market needs and customer preferences. The standard wine bottle has a capacity of 750 milliliters. However, we also have half bottles as small as 375 ml, magnums, and other large-capacity bottles as large as 1.5 liters or larger.

In terms of shapes, we have the classic Bordeaux bottle (straight body and wide shoulder design), which is suitable for most red wines; the Burgundy bottle (rounded shoulder and wide base), which is often used to bottle delicate red and white wines; and the narrow Alsace bottle, which is particularly suitable for aromatic white wines. Ruisen Wine Bottle Company can meet different needs, from daily drinking to special occasions.

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Wholesale glass wine bottles colors

When choosing a wine bottle color, consider the type of wine and storage needs. Generally, dark-colored glass bottles, such as green or brown, are best for storing wine. They effectively block sunlight and ultraviolet rays, reduce the impact of light on wine quality, and extend the shelf life of wine. These colors are particularly suitable for storing red and white wines requiring longer maturation.

Clear or light-colored glass bottles are also a good choice for wines that do not require long storage or are less affected by light, such as some young white wines. They can showcase the wine's natural color and add visual appeal. Choosing the right bottle color can not only enhance the aesthetics of the product but also play an important role in ensuring the quality of the wine.

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Wholesale glass wine bottles colors
Natural cork
glass wine bottles caps

Wholesale glass wine bottles caps

Wine bottles typically come with the following types of caps, each chosen based on its specific advantages and uses:

  • Natural cork:
    Natural cork has good elasticity and air permeability, which allows the wine to oxidize moderately in the bottle and helps the wine mature. Natural cork is also a traditional choice and a sign of high-quality wine. Ruisen's natural cork semi-finished products are imported from Spain and Portugal and polished domestically.
    Usage: Commonly used in high-end and vintage wines.
  • Synthetic cork:
    Synthetic corks are not subject to cork taint (a problem caused by fungi that affect the taste and smell of wine), are less expensive, and are more environmentally friendly to produce.
    Purpose: Suitable for wines expected to be consumed within a short period.
  • Screw cap:
    The screw cap provides a good seal and is almost airtight, effectively preventing oxygen intrusion and cork contamination. It's also easy to open and reseal, and costs less.
    Usage: Widely used for daily drinking of wine and wines with low oxidation requirements.
  • Glass stopper:
    Glass bottle stoppers are attractive and have good sealing properties. They do not affect the taste of wine and can be reused.
    Usage: Used for wines that require particularly prominent packaging design.

Each type of bottle cap has its own unique properties, and Ruisen wine bottle suppliers offer different types of bottle caps to meet the market demand. Cork is particularly useful for wines that require some breathing (oxidation) process to optimize their flavor and ripeness. Screw caps and other more tightly sealed bottle caps are suitable for wines that pay more attention to preservation and convenience.

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Wholesale glass wine bottle materials

Our custom wine bottles are primarily made from high-quality lead-free glass materials. This kind of glass not only ensures the safe storage of wine, but also has excellent transparency and durability, and can effectively protect the wine from light and temperature changes. Also, lead-free glass is more eco-friendly. It reduces pollution and keeps product quality up to global safety standards. We also offer various glass material options, including borosilicate glass, etc., to meet the needs and preferences of different customers.

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Custom glass wine bottles for your business

As the industry's leading wholesale custom glass wine bottle manufacturer and supplier, we offer a wide range of customization options to suit a variety of brands and market needs. Here are some customization services to choose from:


Bottle printing

The bottle can be printed with your brand logo, artistic patterns, or other custom designs. We use high-quality techniques, including screen printing and heat transfer printing, to ensure beautiful and durable graphics.


Bottlecap customization

Ruisen offers a variety of cap options such as natural cork, synthetic, screw cap, or glass stopper. Customers can choose the appropriate bottle cap according to the type of wine and brand image. In addition, the bottle caps can also be customized with specific colors and printed logos.

Bottle shape and size

Bottle shape and size customization

We can customize the shape and size of bottles according to our customer's specific needs. From classic Bordeaux bottles to unique custom designs, we can meet different market and aesthetic needs.

Color customization

Color customization

While traditional wine bottles are made of green or brown glass, we also offer various glass color options to match specific brand colors or design concepts.


Special treatments and effects

Frosted effect, glossy or matte finish, and special UV protection layer. These can be customized according to customer needs, increasing the uniqueness and market competitiveness of the product.

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