What Are Different Glass Bottle Sizes For Vodka


Vodka drinking is fun, but ignorance can make you awkward at various scenes. For instance, suppose you are standing at a bar and need a whole vodka bottle. The first question will come out about the bottle and sizes. What vodka bottle sizes are there? 


If you want to know the complete list of vodka bottle sizes, this guide is your stop. We will discuss all bottle sizes and common, uncommon, and typical uses of the bottles. We will also discuss the capacity and storage of vodka sizes. 

Complete list of different vodka bottle sizes

There aren’t one or two sizes of a big bottle of vodka. Instead, from a small sip to a giant bottle, you can access various options. These include: 


Bottle SizeOuncesSizeShots (1.5 oz)
Nip1.69 oz50 ml1
Quarter-pint3.4 oz100 ml2
Half-pint6.8 oz200 ml4
Half Quarter3.16 oz93.5 ml2
Quarter Bottle6.32 oz187 ml4
Half Bottle12.7 oz375 ml8 or 9
Standard25.36 oz750 ml17
Half-gallons59.2 oz1750 ml39
Magnum50.7 oz1.5 L34
Double magnum101.4 oz3 L67 or 68
Rehoboam152.2 oz4.5 L101
Bordeaux jeroboam169.07 oz5 L113
Imperial202.9 oz6 L135
Metuselah202.9 oz6 L135
Salmanazar304.3 oz9L203
Balthazar405.8 oz12 L270 or 271
Nebuchadnezzar507.2 oz15 L338
Melchoir608.7 oz18 L406
Solomon676 oz20 L451
Sovereign845 oz25 L563
Goliath913 oz27 L609
Melchizedek1014.4 oz30 L676


1. Nip


Nips are one of the widely recognized bottles being used everywhere. The small sip and excellent bottle height allow it for temporary storage. Store the bottle in your freezer and drink vodka the next day. 


It holds 50 ml of vodka in the bottle and makes up a single standard shot of the liquor. 


2. Quarter-pint


A quarter of vodka has a standard storage of 100 ml. It is usually double what you can expect from the average vodka mini bottle. Moreover, it offers two classic shots of 1.5 ounces. 


If you are planning for daily intake, it can be the right choice of ice. In the long term, you get better options. 


3. Half-pint


Half-pint is a misnomer because it is not truly a half-pint. Doubling the quarter-pint makes the half-pint. The capacity is 200 ml with four shots of 1.5 ounces. 


It can be a good partner either in the bar or home uses. 

4. Half Quarter


Divide the standard bottle by ⅛ and get the half quarter. It has a size of almost 93 ml. In terms of shots, you can make two and serve two people instantly. Isn’t it a good choice? 


5. Quarter Bottle


Multiply the size of half a quarter by two, and you’ll get a quarter of a vodka bottle. It has a standard capacity of 187 ml and four shots of vodka. Quarter bottles are trendy at the bars. 


6. Half Bottle

Half a bottle is half of the standard bottle. The height of the wine bottle is 9 ½ inches. The capacity can be 375 ml. You can expect 8-9 shots of the vodka. 


7. Standard

We have been talking about the standard vodka bottle size. Guess the size? It can be up to 750 ml as a standard. Most locations have different sizes of up to 700 ml. However, liquor bottle height varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. The average height is 12 to 13 inches. 


8. Half-gallons

One of the most popular next-store vodka bottle sizes includes the half-gallon. With a size of 1.75 liters, you can be a big fan of its charms. Plenty of storage and whooping 39 shots are an excellent tool for a party of gathering enjoyment. 


9. Magnum


Magnum is also a popular choice if you want to store your liquor. With a good size of 1.5 liters, it is available in almost every store. Plus, you get the 34 standard shots of the liquor.  


10. Double magnum


Let’s double up the magnum size. Doing so gets you the double magnum of size 3 liters. It has a good capacity for storage bottles. You also enjoy a party of 68 shots in a single night. Keep vodka prepared for every one of your friends. 


11. Rehoboam


Another three times the size of a magnum bottle is Rehoboam. Widely used as a storage bottle, it has a storage of 4.5 liters with 101 shots of the liquors. Whether you use it for commercial bars or deploy it in your home freezer, it serves the best! 


12. Bordeaux jeroboam


If you want a more prominent option, the jeroboam bottle can be your size. It has a capacity of 5 liters. You get 113 shots of the liquor from this type of bottle. 


13. Imperial

Imperial is available in almost every single store. Do you know why? Because of its popularity. If you want to expand your bottle collection, consider the goliath capacity of 6 liters. Also, get 135 shots from this bottle. 


14. Methuselah

Another bottle with the same capacity as Imperial, but you’ll be less likely to find it. The imperial-sized bottles are more famous for their excellent shapes and quality packaging. Therefore, you can get the same capacity but different scenes. 


15. Salmanazar


Another big bottle of liquor is Salmanazar. Though it is uncommon, it can serve in long-term storage setups. With an average capacity of 9 liters, you can fill 203 shots of the 1.5 ounces of vodka. On commercial bars with large setups, you can find such bottles. 


16. Balthazar


If you are interested in bigger sizes, balthazar can be an ideal choice. With a humongous capacity of 12 liters, it can serve up to 270 shots. It is suitable for storage and bigger parties where you have invited hundreds of friends. 

17. Nebuchadnezzar


Keep a 15-liter bottle in your garage. Get it out when you are drinking. We are talking about the nebuchadnezzar, which has high capacity and excellent storage. The good news is you can cross the 300 shots. It offers 338 shots in a single go. 


18. Melchior

Even we have bigger sizes than Nebuchadnezzar. On the one hand, you get 15 L storage with a nebuchadnezzar. In contrast, Melchior storage is 3 liters more, totaling 18 liters. It provides the users with 406 shots of 1.5 ounces. 


19. Solomon


Solomon is rarely used nowadays. But the storage systems have that much liquor stored for some time. It offers a good capacity of 20 liters with 451 shots. If you have a 24-hour running bar, Solomon is an excellent idea for your quick success. 

20. Sovereign


Rely on the sovereign vodka bottle sizes if you want something extraordinary for your liquor. With a good capacity of 25 liters, it offers an excellent opportunity to have 500+ shots. To be precise, you get 563 shots from a full bottle. 


21. Goliath


As the name indicates, Goliath isn’t running behind the other bottles. It has a colossal capacity of 27 liters. You get 609 shots from a single Goliath bottle. 


22. Melchizedek


Finally, the last choice is Melchizedek. It is the most giant bottle of vodka, offering a massive capacity. Although it is less common, it provides a better storage space. You can make up to 676 shots of 1.5 ounces from the 30-liter capacity of the Melchizedek. 


What is the standard size of a single shot of vodka? 

You might wonder about the actual shot size in the large bottle of vodka. The crucial problem is the different set of parameters. Some bars and regions, for example, in the US, have a standard size of 1.5 ounces of vodka in a single shot. But don’t think it applies to all the sectors around the globe. 


Some other locations might think of 1.25 ounces as a single shot of vodka. Depending on the area, you can guess the size of the vodka shot. 


How much is a single-liter bottle? 


A liter is like a kilogram, but you must measure it in milliliters. Usually, it is 1000 milliliters that make up a single liter. Fortunately, it is an international parameter to define the size of a bottle. 



Getting different bottle sizes is sometimes necessary when you want long-term storage. In that case, only an excellent glass bottle manufacturer can facilitate you. 


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