What should I pay attention to when buying liquor bottles in China?

The quality level of glass bottles in China is uneven, there are high-quality glass bottles and low quality glass bottles, first of all, some manufacturers in order to save costs, the use of inferior raw materials, the color of the glass bottles produced is green, the bottle has more bubbles, cracks, scissors and other quality problems, the most important is the mouth is not uniform, easy to leak wine. Glass bottle selection of good quality manufacturers is more important, first of all, choose manufacturers with rich export business, and then look at the factory strength is relatively large manufacturers, the brand is more well-known, because the higher the efficiency of the glass bottle machine, the more advanced the machine, the best machine is the CNC servo feeding machine, the product finness can reach 0.2mm, Then add good raw materials, so that the glass bottles produced will not be bad, followed by quality inspection, well-known brand manufacturers have three quality inspection, inspection class inspection total quality inspection, so that layers of control to ensure that inferior products will not flow to the market。

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