Swing Top Bottles-A Complete Guide



Every bar wants to make its bottle look unique and stylish and catch viewers’ sight at first glance. That is how they can skyrocket their bad reputation. But don’t fret; you have the right choice in the 21st century.


Have you ever heard of swing-top bottles dominating the market? But they have been doing so for many years now. The unique design of the FlipTop bottles makes their place among the top designs.


Guess what? You can further customize them. Are you curious about knowing them? Let’s have a detailed design exploring the size, shapes, and uses of swing-top bottles in daily life.


What are swing-top bottles?

What are swing-top bottles

Swing-top bottles are evident from their names. Their cap or lid has a swinging top that helps open it. The plastic construction and ultimate glamor of metallic components make it look extraordinary, safe, and effective for the liquor.


The flipping caps also give them another name— FlipTop bottles. Do you know the reason behind their popularity? It is the aesthetic look and unusual opening design of the bottle.


Color, shapes, and designs of Swing Top Bottles


Swing Top Bottles are custom bottles with a classy look and different colors. You can choose their sizes, shapes, and designs based on your glory and style.


Let’s talk about these factors in detail.


  • Color 


Who doesn’t want the beer bottle to look different and engaging? Color is the ultimate preference for the best look. The two most popular colors of swing bottles include:


  • Amber
  • Flint clear


Don’t fret; you have a whole gallery of different colors. Try out blue, green, purple, pink, red, or turquoise swing bottles at your bars and impress your consumers with the first look.


  • Size


Do you want to store the liquor in the bottle? Get a large bottle with an estimated size of 32 oz. There are also smaller-sized bottles available. One of the famous examples is the 250 ml, 500 ml, or 750 ml. 


  • Shape 


A peculiar design means that the liquor in the bottle is extraordinary-looking. It will make the customers get their mouths water at first glance. 


The classic shape of the swing bottle is cylindrical with a tapered neck. You can fit the swinging cap at the neck, making it aesthetically suitable. But you can find other shapes like squares, ovals, or flasks.


Do you want the custom designs? Ruisen Bottle Manufacturers offer custom bottle designs for your FlipTop bottles. You can contact them and talk about your demands.


  • Design


Do you have plans on marketing and making your brands unique and different? Then, think creatively about the current design of your FlipTop bottles. 


A swing bottle has plenty of space for branding and attaching the logos. You can create outstanding designs and fasten your labels. What happens next is an excellent idea: go wild through the bars and increase your reputation exponentially.


Benefits and drawbacks of swing-top bottles

Benefits and drawbacks of swing-top bottles

Before you put your hands on the first deal of the swing top bottles, you must know why they are the best and when you should not choose them.


Let’s talk about their positive and negative points in detail.




Swing-top bottle benefits owing to their versatility and uncomplicated design make them more famous. Moreover, its timeless design puts it among the top choices of the century for liquor.


  • Easy to Use


Think of a swing bottle. Grip on the metallic handle and rotate the cap. The bottle will open instantly. Is that even difficult? Swing-top bottles are super easy to use. You can save time when opening and closing. 


  • Airtight Seal 


The freshness of the liquor remains maintained if no bacteria or microorganisms enter the bottle. Swing-top bottles are champions at stopping bacteria or viruses.


Metal stoppers and wire bail closures create a perfect seal, leading to vacuum-sealed performance. When neither air nor bacteria can penetrate through it, no decaying or purification processes occur. All such phenomena keep the liquor safe for many months.


  • Recyclable 


If you are more concerned about the environment and safety, forget it. Swing-top bottles aren’t like other plastic bottles that cause harm. Instead, they go through recycling and regenerate their original efficiency.

So, you’ll save the cost of buying the new bottles and be in profit once you start utilizing swing bottles in your bars.


  • Durability 


Swing bottles create the seal and preserve liquor for months and remain unbeatable for years. Thick, sturdy glass construction makes them impenetrable. Moreover, a slight force or fall on the ground can’t even cause a single crack.


Durability-wise, they stand out among all the bottles. They adapt to the high-pressure carbonation and stay with you for years.


  • Versatility 


Specific bottles have specific uses. But that’s not the case with the swing-top bottles. They are equally suitable for vodka, whiskey, and rum. You can even pour the water or oil into them and put them into the garage. 

Such a wide range of uses of swing top bottles makes them the ultimate choice for home use or bar bottles.


  • Aesthetically appealing 


One of the best things about the swing top bottles is their marketing opportunity. First, they look square or cylindrical with a unique lid— it attracts in the first look. Second, ample space for attaching brand logos and labels makes them an ultimate choice for marketers and brand owners.




Take your time with a decision. Be calm, and know the negative points about the swing-top bottles. You may change the decision after learning the negatives of the bottles. Here are some cons of using such bottles.


  • Cost


You might get hundreds of marketing opportunities, but listen to the cost. It is high compared to competitor bottles, such as corkscrew bottles. You might wonder why it is so.


There are two key reasons behind increased costs:

  • Thick glass construction mounts to higher costs.
  • The swing top design with a metal or ceramic stopper and wire bail is more comprehensive. It consumes more time and costs compared to corkscrew stoppers.

Therefore, the swing-top bottle cost is higher than other bottle types.


  • Cleaning and maintenance 


Opening the bottle is quick, but not the cleaning and maintenance. It takes thorough and careful cleaning of the narrowed corners and edges of the stopper and bottles.


Moreover, regular cleaning is necessary if you want to maintain the new look of the bottle. It can be hectic for lazy users looking for shelter and ease.


Applications of the Swing Top Bottles 

Applications of the Swing Top Bottles 

Swing top bottles are versatile, making their place in every liquor shape. Try beer or oil whenever and wherever without a second thought.


Here is an overview of the swing-top bottle applications.


  • Beer


Beer is the first choice of the swing bottle. Their unique shape suits the storage of beer. Often, such bottles come in sizes of 250ml, 500ml, 750ml, or 1 liter. Their shape is different from the common one, depending on the customization by the users.


  • Liquor and Spirit


Liquor and Spirit look beautiful in the swing bottles. They have thick bottoms, long bodies, and narrow necks. The swing stopper looks elegant and gives a branding thought. Such bottles are effective at bars or for resale in online stores. Customers or brands can print their logos to show off their elegance.


  • Water


You might wonder, but water looks terrific in such bottles. But they might feel heavier for the water than ordinary plastic bottles. Rich people interested in glowing up their hallways can try this combination.


  • Cold Brew Coffee


Swing-top bottles create an airtight seal that keeps the brew fresh and original. Therefore, some people try the customized black colored bottles in such a case. But you can try other colors such as amber or white glass bottles. They are also famous for their looks.


  • Juice


Pay attention to the services of the swing-top bottles for the juices. They can keep your juice for many days without affecting the freshness. But one thing is crucial here— get customized transparent glass bottles in such a case.

They will show off the freshness of your juice and keep your taste buds teased and ready to attack the juice.


  • Food storage


Finally, wide-body swing-top jars are a famous component of the kitchen. They can store your honey and other food materials without affecting the quality for months. Their rustic and vintage appearance is quite fascinating for the users. So, consider the food storage in jars instead of bottles. If you have some liquid, then try out the liquid as well.




Swing top bottles are a peerless combination for an elegant store. If you serve at parties or store some high-quality 1900s whiskey, such bottles are worth investing in. Even if you are a brand owner, they are crown jewels. What you see is to find the customization opportunity and excellent quality of such bottles.


Ruisen Bottle Manufacturer has been the first choice for consumers for years. Its customization opportunities for liquor bottles, such as swing-top or flip-top bottles, are matchless. Plus, they focus on bottle quality, and different sizes, such as 750ml glass bottles, retain a record strength. Check out the world-class quality bottles now!


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