Round VS Square Whisky Bottles


Square-bottle whiskey and round-bottle whiskey have been here for decades and even centuries. The unique shape, ample space, and aesthetics offer an excellent way to deliver your first glass of whiskey or enjoy brandy. Sometimes, you must decide whether to consider a square bottle of whiskey or a round bottle. Is the same question popping up in your brain? If yes, no worries, as we have listed the differences between the two types of bottles. Let’s discuss whether a square bottle of whiskey is better or a round bottle – Round VS Square Whisky Bottles. 


What is Round bottle whiskey?

What is Round bottle whiskey

The unique shape and aesthetic look of round-bottle whiskey have gained immense popularity. Plus, you have the advantage of more extensive storage options as well. 


Various designs in a round whiskey bottle are currently deciding the market trends. For example, Arizona bottles are outstanding and offer plenty of storage space. Moreover, they provide an exclusive image of your whiskey bottles. 


Pros of Round Bottle whiskey

Are you wondering why you should consider the whiskey in a round bottle? Here are various green flags in favor of round-bottle whiskey. 


  • Eye-catching look. The exceptional curved shape with an elongated neck knocks out everyone. Such aesthetics are not possible with some other shapes of bottles. The unusual shape stands out from different bottles, too. 
  • Easy for branding. For branding, a surplus of space is necessary on a bottle. Here you get it. Large size with 360 degrees printing lets you screen print a brand logo or sublimation dye a brand name without exerting much effort for your brand promotion. 
  • Ergonomics. Don’t worry about the ease of pouring liquor or whiskey. You already have it with such an elegant and easy-to-pour design. 


Cons of Round Bottle whiskey


Whiskey in a round bottle looks amazing externally but at the following costs. 


  • Limited Space. It provides much space, but the design covers most of the area. The long neck offers a narrow surface, minimizing the surface area. It can sometimes be a big hassle due to heavy design and less space available. 
  • You can’t stack it up! Unlike other bottle types where you can stack bottles on one another, this facility is unavailable here. Because of the rounded caps and the smaller surface area, it doesn’t settle one bottle on the other. Therefore, abandon it here if you have plans for multiple bottle storage! 
  • Labeling issues. Undoubtedly, it offers such printing all around, but you need the curved labels because of its curved body. Creating such labels can distort the design and might be a trouble for some brands. Brands must consider the promotion limitations when considering the round bottle of whiskey


What is Square Bottle whiskey?

What is Square Bottle whiskey

Square bottle whiskey is a new design compared to the rounded ones used for centuries. You will be a big fan of such bottles because of their balanced edges and distinctive features. It even bestows you with lots of features. 


Consider it a versatile bottle solution for the 21st century. 


Pros of Square Bottle whiskey


You get pros and cons with the square bottle whisky like the round bottles. 


  • Aesthetic Design. Square bottles are pretty influential on the exterior. The geometric shape with the lines and patterns drawn on the surface skyrocket the appearance. The shoulder and neck add to the appealing design because of its excellent appearance. 
  • Good branding opportunity. If you need to print the labels for the custom guidance, do it without hassle. No curved labels are necessary because most labels are flat and easy to adhere. Whether you attach brand logos or different bottle labels, it can be faster and easier. 
  • Extended space. Consider all the stacking options or storage of hundreds of square bottles in one place. More significant surface area and stabilized bottle stacking on one another provide advanced storage systems. 


Cons of Square Bottle whiskey


On the one hand, you get many amenities. Don’t forget the cons that can be decisive in choosing the bottle types. 


Here are some negative points about the square bottles. 


  • Lack of creative options. If you plan on making various labels and branded logos, square bottles are not the right option. Though you get plenty of space and minimal hassle for printed labels, limited creativity can eliminate this option from your list. 
  • Increase costs. Square bottles cover more area and are dense. That means more material is required to make such a bottle. That is why your costs for square bottle whiskey shoot up relatively high. 
  • Prone to cracks. One of the most significant disadvantages of square bottles is their fragility. A square shape with sharp cornered edges makes it more vulnerable to damage during the shifting, storage, and transportation of extended periods. 


Round bottles vs Square Bottles: What are the differences between them? 

Round bottles vs Square Bottles

Are you still confused about what type of bottle should you choose? Let’s make another try by comparing the features of both glass bottles and making an informed decision. 


FeatureRound Bottle WhiskeySquare Bottle Whiskey
ShapeRound with long neckSquare body with a long neck
StrengthGood StrengthWeak comparatively
LabelingSuitable for Creativity in LabelingSuitable for the Extent of labeling
ErgonomicEasy to pourConsumes Time in pouring liquor
TransportationNo stacking is availableStacking is Available
CostLess expensiveMore expensive


  • Shape


The shape can be a user preference but a pivotal point in the difference. It is the first thing the eye catches on the spot. So you can’t miss the shape. 


Round bottle whisky has a typical round shape with diffused borders. The neck is long and offers the ultimate glamor to the overall shape. 


Square bottles have equal borders from all four sides. Their sharp borders differentiate them from the round bottles. Overall, the body is distinct from the round bottles. 


  • Strength

Which bottle is more prone to damage and unbalanced pressure? Do you have any idea? Let’s explore which offers you the best support for whiskey storage and more durability. 


Round bottles are suitable for balancing the pressure on all sides. No defined edges minimize the risks of damage, and overall, a good build ensures safer storage and longer life. 


Sqaure bottles are losing points in such a place. Uneven surfaces cause more pressure on some sides and cause problems regarding storage. Moreover, it is vulnerable to damage due to distinct shoulders. 


  • Labeling


Suppose you are selling whiskey in a bar. At such a point, imprinting your brand name in the consumers’ name is crucial. 


Round bottles have an abundance of space. No matter what design, color, or patterns you print. They all look fantastic and unique and improve the overall look. There is one problem. You must endure the hassles of specified printing because of the curved shapes. 


Square bottles offer more space and flat printing with no troubles in the space. However, the problem is a lack of creativity with the labeling options. 


  • Ergonomic


Not all consumers, except the bars, consider ergonomics. Even the whiskey stores want hassle-free and safe filling options. 


Round bottle whiskey has a good shape, is easy to pour liquor, and is seamless to manage. That is why you often find them at every store. Even holding is quite effective without the risk of falling on the ground.


Square bottles are a bit complex to manage in filling and efficient serving. They consume more time during filling and better techniques. 

  • Transportation


Factories and glass manufacturers have to undertake bulk production orders and need to ship over thousands of miles. Shipping safety is crucial. 


Round bottles aren’t straightforward to stack, ship, and take away. They also have less space to pour liquor, causing issues for more storage. 


Compared to it, square bottles carry more liquor and stack up on each other. Therefore, they are super easy to transport. 

  • Costs


If you are thinking about costs, affordable rates are necessary. 


Round bottles are inexpensive because they are less weight and easier to craft. Compared to it, dense square bottles are more expensive. It is because of heavyweight and more material constructions. 


Which bottle should you choose for your whiskey storage? 


Based on the differences, it is never a wise decision to choose one. In actuality, you have to ask yourself the following question: 


  • What bottle capacity do you need? 
  • What is your favorite bottle shape? 
  • Do you have your safe storage space? 
  • Do you want to promote your brand or buy for your diversity of collections?  


For stylish design and excellent branding, you should incline toward the round bottle. In contrast, if you are looking for extended surface area, square-bottle whiskey is ideal. Also, consider your storage requirements and the relevant compatibility of the bottles. 


Whenever you are hunting down the square or round bottle, think about the following: 


  • Brand popularity
  • Material constructions
  • Quality
  • Cost


What if you get all these top-notch features from a single whiskey bottle manufacturer? Yes, it is true when you consider the Ruisen Glass Bottle Manufacturer on your list. We have the best quality bottles and can provide you with affordable rates. Believe in the top-tier whiskey bottle options and select your favorite one. Go on and make your first shop from this top glass manufacturer brand! 


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