Wine Bottle Decoration Ideas


Don’t abandon your empty wine bottles. They can be your next antique piece decorating your home and elevating the beauty. How? No rocket science is involved. There are various design tips and quick tricks that get you an antique article garnishing your home’s beauty. Do you want to go ahead? We have listed 26 different Wine bottle decoration ideas. Let’s discuss them in detail. 

26 Wine Bottle Decoration Ideas

1. Easy DIY Room Decor

Wine Bottle Decoration Ideas-Easy DIY Room Decor

One of the best and most eco-friendly ideas is to try easy home decor. Grab multiple wine bottles and arrange them in a single place. Add some greenery with leaves and take a glimpse. 


Doesn’t it look like a fantastic wine bottle decor at home? 


2. Frosted Wine Bottle Centerpiece Idea


You won’t get the frosted wine bottles anywhere. But how is the idea of purchasing a frost spray? Do it fast and spray your bottle with the frost. 


Suspend some lights inside the bottle and have the greenery around the neck. It is a classic decoration that donates the ultimate beauty for a festive holiday. 


3. Unique Wine Bottle Crafts

Unique Wine Bottle Crafts

Do you have a Cricut machine at your home? Here is a quick idea to decorate a wine bottle. Think about your favorite design; suppose your home design. Print it from the Cricut machine and fasten it to the wine bottle. 


It looks perfect; everyone would love to appreciate your efforts for such elegant work. 


4. Anniversary Party Decor


Go out of the box with your anniversary party decor. Whenever you have an anniversary, take all the collages and pics. Keep it on your wine bottles, and you’ll understand how beautiful it looks. 


Glass bottle decoration can be a cost-effective choice for your photo-holding ideas. 


5. Wine bottle with solar lights

Wine bottle with solar lights

It can be a unique decoration idea to try. No hassle. Easy to do. What you have to do is to grab the solar lights. Fix them inside the bottle with the neck holding them along. Keep the charging system out of the bottle to charge it in the sunlight. 


Once it is night, let the solar lights sprinkle their magic. It is a cost-effective wine bottle decor idea. 


6. Wine Bottle Tiki Torch


This idea initially looks complex but extremely easy, yet it takes some time. Gather the tiki torch and arrange it in your wine bottles. Now, attach the labels, and boom! 


You can burn it like a candle and embellish your tables at parties. It is also a perfect deal for the garden or home lawns that look even better.


7. Wine Bottle Votive Holder

Wine Bottle Votive Holder

All you have to do is to cut the half of the upper section of the bottle. Cut the neck and some of the body until it looks like a half bottle with cut sections. Place whatever decorative material, such as a votive, you want in the bottle. 


The wine bottle looks simple and elegant. It doubles up the overall beauty of your home decor. 


8. Floating Bottle Candle 


If you have created the votive holder bottles, it is a pleasure for you. With relatively easy tricks, you can cut the wine bottle and sand it into a perfect half-cut bottle shape. Fill 70% of the bottle volume with water and install the floating candles. 


Candles floating into the bottle will give next-level vibes and sweeten up the beauty of your decor or table wherever you add this combo. 


9. Hurricane Lamp Ideas

Hurricane Lamp Ideas

Have you cut your wine bottle? Whether yes or not, you can try the hurricane lamp idea with every style you want. Get the tea lights to install it in the cut bottle. If you haven’t done it, install the string lights in the wine bottle and fill it to the bottom. 


Turn on the lights at night and enjoy the view. It can be one of the most impressive decoration ideas with wine bottles. 


10. Bird Feeder Bottles


Cutting a bottle can bring up an easy decoration job. But how is the idea of drilling the hole? It can be a tricky situation, but don’t worry; it is worth trying because of the ultimate glamor. 


Get the upcycled wine bottles and drill the holes. Fill it with the bird feeding material and let the hole get some cool breeze. The birds come by and enjoy their food. You’ll not only be a dedicated environment lover but also show your love for the birds.


11. Wine Bottle Candles

Wine Bottle Candles

Instead of buying bottled candles, you can create your magic at home. Cut your bottles to half-length. Make a solution for your candle. Let’s pour it into the cut bottle. 


Your long-lasting candle will be on the table, ready to burn for endless hours. It can be a fantastic DIY trick for all the wine bottle lovers. 


12. Succulent Planting Ideas


Let’s try one of the unique decoration ideas for wine bottles. If you have a succulent plant, that is great. Fill the bottom of the bottle with the rock and ensure a proper water drainage system. 


Install the succulent plant and notice its progress from time to time. Is it growing well? If yes, nothing is better than that. 


13. Candle Holder

Candle Holder

Make your perfect candle holder at home. Make sure you have the right thickness of the candle that fits the neck of your wine bottle. It mustn’t be too thick to work or too thin to get dropped to the bottom of the bottle. 


Before candle installation at the top, drop some water and install the plant to give it a new green look. Now, install the candle on the top and enjoy the perfect view at home. 


14. Painted Candle Bottles


Let’s make the candle bottles but in a very different way. Choose your favorite color or try the Pantone matching for purchasing the custom paint sprayer. Adjust the spray sprinkling and paint every single portion of your bottle. Ensure it gives a unique single look with a homogenous painting. 


Install the candle and enjoy the scenery. It looks terrific and goes easy on the eyes for extended periods. 


15. Antique Wine Bottle

Antique Wine Bottle

Try the new option that is quite unusual and never found anywhere. Clutch the wine bottle and paint it with some antique colors. Personalize it with glue, sponge, and paint. Add some embossed words and make it like a perfect antique piece decorating your home. 


16. Paint-dipped bottle vases


Make a bottle vase that holds elegant natural or artificial flowers. Empty your bottle and remove the labels to make it transparent. Add the paint to half of the bottle and add the flowers. 


How does it look? It can be your next antique piece decorating your home perfectly. 


17. Yarn Wrapped Bottle Vases

Yarn Wrapped Bottle Vases

Just a slight change in the bottle design and decoration, and you’ll get another perfect design. This time, you can wrap the bottle almost half with the yarn and give a different shade matching your home theme.


Now, suspend the flower in the bottle. Make sure the petal of the flower is inside, not the leaves. It gives a fantastic look and lets the viewers appreciate your efforts for such dedication to the beautiful environment. 


18. Multicolored Wine Bottle Vases


As mentioned above, you have the wrapped yarn or change the paint colors. This time, you can think about the multiple colors. Get a sprayer and paint your wine bottles with various colors based on your preferences. 


Once you have done that, add the flower to the bottle vases and check the decoration. Doesn’t it look like a bunch of flowers in the antique piece? This versatile design nurtures beauty in all scenarios. 


19. Half bottle planter

Half bottle planter

If you already have the planter, that is great. You can try the half bottle with succulent plants. Cut through the body of your bottles and make it a decorative piece. Arrange the flowers in the center of it. You can create multiple pieces from a single wine bottle and decorate the whole home. 


Dark-colored bottles give excellent vibes in such scenarios. But you can also try the light colors for better looks. 


20. Rainbow Lantern


Do you love the multiple colors of the rainbow? Why not try this on the wine bottles? You can get multiple bottles and change their colors to red, green, or yellow. Add the candle inside them and let the candle burn. 


Arrange it in your garden or settle it on the table at your party. All give a trendy style available next door. It looks so amazing that everyone gets attracted to the design and appreciates the endless love for the rainbow style. The good thing is that you do not have to implement extra efforts in such a case. 


21. Wine Bottle Chandelier


You have already seen the glass Chandeliers decorating the home. Their hanging in the center and enlightening the whole home is the next-level approach. You can do the same with the wine bottles. Wondering how you can do it. 


It is simple. Get 4-5 bottles of wine. Get them colored with different shapes and colors. Cut them and pass robes through each one of them. Now, hang it with the ceiling connections. It is not only wonderful but also a unique style that appreciates your uniqueness in every job. 


22. Wine Bottle Serving Plate


It is one in a million ideas. None has ever wondered that they can use the wine bottles as a serving plate. It is not a reality when you use the bottle vertically instead of horizontally. Sand the parts to make it a leveled surface and decor your food on it. 


In addition to uniqueness, it gives an ultimate beauty. With such a design, you’ll relish your food more effectively and go for the take on the best flavors. 


23. Marble filled Bottle Torch


It looks like an odd yet untried idea! Fill the different transparent pieces of marble. You can try all the colors and shades, from yellow to blue hue. Now, hang a bottle till it faces downward direction. 


Once you turn on the light, a glowing scenario emerges at such a point. You’ll love the addition of flickering light in your parties. It can be a perfect choice for the night view when you want to blend the light with glamor. 


24. Macramé Wine Bottle Planter


Take your adventure to new heights with Macramé wine bottles. Introduce the planter bottle with the wine and embellish it with the plants and some greenery. Hang it, whether inside or outside. It gives a perfect combination. 


25. Wine bottles with sidewalk lights


Say goodbye to the solar lights or old sidewalk lights. If you have the string lights, install them inside your wine bottles. Make up so with many bottles and place it on your sidewalk. 


Once you turn on the lights, the wine bottle spreads the light perfectly all around. There will be a glowing scene enhancing the beauty of your garden or patios. 


26. Outdoor Wine Bottle Chandelier


The chandelier isn’t something all focused on the hallway’s beauty. Rather, it gives equal magnificence whenever you install them in an outdoor place. A garden can be the best place.


Combine your wine bottles with the flowers on the backside. Turn bottles upside down and make the perfect chandelier. Install it on your lawn or hang it on the patio. Walkaways can be a good idea to light up their beauty. Wherever you install them, it will increase their spellbinding. 


Final Thoughts


You must have several ideas flashing through your brain to understand how and where you can arrange and improve the decoration. For that, you must have the quality old bottles. If you are a dedicated fan of beauty, then find out the top brands. 


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