Wine Bottle Shapes and Sizes



Wine bottles are only an instant choice for some if you are looking for classy designs. Brands look for aesthetic looks. For long-term storage purposes, you need to get large-size bottles. Similarly, depending on the purpose, you can ponder the different wine bottle shapes and sizes. Shapes of the bottle largely influence the size and vice versa.


Are you out on your first wine bottle-purchasing journey? Wait; learn about the wine bottle shapes and sizes. We have listed a detailed guide on the different wine bottle shapes. For your assistance, we have also included different sizes that can be helpful. 


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What are different wine bottle shapes?


Wine bottles have a neck, body, and bottom parts. Sometimes, variations in the shoulders also contribute to different shapes.


We have listed the different wine bottle shapes and their uses.


  • Bordeaux


Bordeaux is one of the most famous designs in French history. This bottle shape has been used for decades, flawlessly supporting the users and providing ample space for liquor storage. This design has sharp shoulders with a long neck and flat bottom.

Its aesthetic shape is arguably the best for designing and branding purposes. It has the following popular grapes examples in this shape:

  • Merlot
  • Malbec
  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Cabernet Franc
  • Semillon
  • Sauvignon Blanc
  • Chenin Blanc


  • Burgundy 

Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are the famous grapes of the Burgundy bottle. It bestows the excellent shape of the liquor inside and presents an outstanding view. Guess the difference between burgundy and Bordeaux? A Burgundy bottle doesn’t have a long neck with a sharp shoulder.

It doesn’t even have a shoulder, as the curved body meets directly with the long neck. The widened bottom makes it distinct compared to the other bottle shapes. The overall shape is narrow at the top, and the slope increases the diameter at the bottom. 


  • Rhone


First, look at the burgundy bottle and then the Rhone bottle. What similarities and differences do you find?

A Rhone bottle has a similar shape but differs in the long neck. Unlike the Bordeaux, the body meets the neck directly and doesn’t make the shoulder. 

There is more you get in the Rhone bottle— beautiful patterns. A central badge shows off the glamor. Rhone bottles change shape from one country to another. That means it can be different in shape in other countries. Here are a few grapes from a Rhone bottle.

  • Grenache
  • Mourvedre
  • Viognier
  • Syrah
  • Marsanne
  • Roussanne.


  • Champagne 

You might have already heard of the champagne bottles. These appear to be the same shape as the burgundy. However, there are a few differences. For example, it has a thicker glass and a large punt bottom.

Most wine producers use this design as a prototype to design new products. Because of thicker glass, it doesn’t break easily upon falling on the ground. Externally, you can fasten the brand labels and reach the highest levels of promotions. A central badge also looks good, improving the bottle’s beauty.


  • Alsace or Rhine

Alsace or Rhine

One of the tallest bottles is the Alsace. Their excellent look and construction make them a top choice for bar owners. The original concept comes from Germany and France, allowing the world to imitate the design and produce its variant.

If you closely observe its design, you can find the tricky style of bottle that could be better for placing flat in the racks. It can drop down the racks after placing. Moreover, the bottom is a bit shallow, which makes it different from other bottle shapes.

Here are a few grapes associated with this bottle.

  • Riesling
  • Pinot Gris
  • Gewurztraminer
  • Gruner Veltliner


  • Provence 

Provence is another bottle associated with the Côtes de Provence region. It is a tall bottle with a short neck, but its shape is unique.

The body is of an hourglass shape and has a narrow center part with widened shapes. The edges are sharp, while the shoulders are not prominent. Such bottle types are less likely to be used in the industry. They offer good durability and excellent wine taste to the users.


  • Alsatian

Alsatian is also popular for its usual shape. It is a tall bottle with green and brown colors with no definite shoulders.

The designer developed it after the Bordeaux bottle, but it quickly became popular for its excellent finish. You can store an ample quantity of liquor as well.


  • Sparkling Wine

Sparkling wine has an excellent body shape with a round base and a long neck. With no shoulder presence, it can store good quality wine long-term. The solid body construction keeps it booming for extended periods. 

In many different regions, you can find its variants holding the same shape but different sizes. On the top, it has a corked disk and wire construction to close and open the wine bottle. Pour liquor into your desired bottles.


  • Fiasco

One of the unique shapes of the bottle is Fiasco. It has another name, Chianti. With a wide base and straw basket at its bottom, it looks like a high-end bottle with a premium look. It remains safe during shipping due to its thick and excellent construction. If you are on your journey and need some branding, this bottle can be the right option. 


A straw basket adds a safety layer to the glass, keeping it safe during transport.


What are different wine bottle sizes?


Wine bottle sizes are also crucial because:

  • They decide the shape of the bottle. Long and wider bottles have ample space for liquor storage.
  • Size decides the storage quantity.


Wine Bottles can vary from small to large depending on the storage purposes. Following are the sizes of wine bottles.


  • Split

Split is one-fourth of the size of a standard bottle. Guess the capacity? It can store 187 ml of the liquor effectively.  The split bottle can be ideal if you want three to four shots.


  • Demi

Demi is half of the standard bottle but double the split bottle size. Fill up your bottle with 375 ml of the wine and enjoy the sip or storage in the wine shop. It is good for small quantities of drinking purposes.


  • Jennie

Jennie is also popular for 500 ml of liquor. It is also a good option for small storage. Compared to a standard bottle, it has a size of 0.66.


  • Standard 

Standard bottles are almost the same size all around the globe. You can store practically 750 milliliters of liquor. Standard bottles serve various purposes for liquor, wine, and other drinks.


  • Magnum 

Multiply the standard bottle size by two, and you’ll get the magnum bottle. It has a size of 1.5 liters and is good for storage purposes. This bottle can be ideal if you plan to store more than 750 ml.


  • Double magnum

The name is all— double the magnum bottle size and get a double magnum bottle. It is almost the size of 4 standard bottles and two magnum bottles. You can pour 3 liters of wine into such bottles. They serve for long-term storage purposes in bars and antique stores that love to store liquor.


  • Jeroboam 

Who needs to know the Jeroboam bottle size? It is now popularly used in various bars and storage systems. It not only serves to hold the wine but also other liquor types. The size is almost equal to six standard bottles and has a capacity of 4.5 liters.


  • Imperial

Imperial bottle size is quite impactful if you want to store your wine long-term. It holds a humongous amount of 6 liters. It can accumulate eight bottles at once if we compare it to the standard bottle size.


  • Salmanazar 

Collect 12 standard bottles and add their liquor to the Salmanazar. Then, one bottle will make it. It can hold up to 9 liters of liquor. You can use it for both branding and long-term storage.


  • Balthazar 

Sixteen standard bottles can combine to make one Balthazar bottle. With 12 liters, it is the second-largest bottle in terms of storage. Try such bottles when you want storage. However, using it at parties and events can be a good idea.


  • Nebuchadnezzar 

Have you ever thought of storing a huge quantity of liquor? If you get the idea, a Nebuchadnezzar bottle will accompany you to the destination. Collect 20 standard-sized bottles, and you’ll get this bottle. It holds almost 15 liters of wine, which is quite high compared to all other bottle sizes. Nebuchadnezzar is suitable for bigger events and parties where you have to serve hundreds of guests.



If you want long-term storage with a high volume of wine, consider the magnum bottles in squares or whatever shapes you like. A Bordeaux bottle of Jeroboam size is also a worthy size. But get the quality bottles that stay in your bars or garage for a long time. Moreover, choose the one that settles both the external glamor and durability at affordability.


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