Top 10 Whiskey Distilleries in the USA

Are you looking for the top 10 whiskey distilleries in the USA? You’re not alone. Many people are searching for the best distilleries for touring and taste. It is a fact that all of us want to enjoy the best taste. But this guide is going to put a full stop to your search.


It is not wrong that America is a hub for whiskey distilleries. Over 2000 distilleries are actively producing whiskies in the USA. They serve both drinkers and the country’s economy. However, no one knows the top whiskey distillery that offers taste at an affordable rate. 


We have compiled the top 10 famous distilleries that produce whiskey to solve this issue. You can visit them and taste their whiskeys.  We will also look into their working history and overall profile. So, let’s dive in and explore them!

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Overview of Whiskey Distilleries


In simple words, distilleries are the facilities where whiskey is made. These facilities have all the resources and equipment needed for the fermentation process. Each distillery can have a different whiskey-making method, so its tastes and quality can also vary.


Remember that whiskey is made by fermenting grain mash. Generally, these distilleries follow four steps: First, the grain is mashed. Then, the mash undergoes a fermentation process. The liquid used in the whiskey is also distilled.


Once this process is complete, the manufacturer leaves the liquid whiskey for aging. This process takes a lot of time. The advantage of this aging is that it gives the whiskey a specific taste and color. Some premium and high-end whisky can have an aging duration of 3 years.


List of Top 10 Whiskey Distilleries in the USA 


You’ll find a distillery everywhere in the United States. However, they are usually small startups that lack quality. As you know, taste matters when it comes to whiskey. So, presenting you with the top 10 whiskey distilleries will give you an unforgettable experience. You can visit them and learn about their mechanisms.


Distillery Name Summary & Key Features
Buffalo Trace Distillery Found in 1773. One of the oldest continuously operating distilleries in the USA
Bardstown Bourbon Company It is known for its futuristic buildings and state-of-the-art technology
St. Augustine Distillery This company allows visitors to tour the distillery without purchasing a ticket
Jack Daniel’s Distillery Start in 1866. The first-ever registered distillery in the United States
Sagamore Spirit Distillery Features a five-story distillation tower that attracts visitors
Wild Turkey Distillery John and Thomas started it. Renowned for its strong, spicy whiskey flavor
Maker’s Mark Distillery 1954 (Purchased by Bill Samuels Sr.) It is known for its red wax-sealed bottles
Heaven Hill Distillery 1935, Heavenhill Family, Independently run by a family
Jim Beam Distillery 1795, Jacob Beam, One of the largest bourbon producers in the world
George Dickel Distillery Famous for its unique Tennessee whiskey. Ideal place for visitors due to its beautiful surroundings.


1- Buffalo Trace Distillery

Buffalo Trace Distillery

When it comes to whiskey, the first brand that comes to mind is Buffalo Trace Distillery.” It is located in Frankfort, Kentucky, and was founded in 1773. Initially, it was known as OFC Distillery (Old Fire Copper). However, this brand saw many name changes in history, including a change of ownership.


This distillery has seen ups and downs and emerged as a successful pioneer. You can visit them by booking your tour and exploring its history. As I said, this brand has been working for the last two centuries. So, touring there will give you information about its fascinating history.


This distillery has many products that are ruling the American whiskey market. It is one of the oldest whiskey distilleries that is still working. They use a combination of old-fashioned and newer technology in the fermentation process. By arranging a tour, you will learn about their whiskey manufacturing process. 


2- Bardstown Bourbon Company

Bardstown Bourbon Company

Unlike the previous one, this distillery is more towards the modern era. It was founded in 2016. It has futuristic buildings that can easily attract anyone from its look. Their products are of a wide range. However, they also collaborate with other distilleries.


If you love modern things, you must visit this place. This distillery offers a very transparent distillation process. You’ll see all the processes taking place to make whiskey. The whole thing is made with state-of-the-art technology, making it look futuristic and modern.


Their famous products are bourbon, rye, and blended whiskey, but they offer diverse products. Interestingly, this brand has gained a reputation in just eight years that many old brands could not earn, thanks to the utilization of modern technology in the production process.


3- St. Augustine Distillery

St. Augustine Distillery

St. Augustine Distillery is located in Florida and has a rich history. It is well known for its whiskey, rum, gin, and vodka. What makes this company popular is its permission to tour without buying a ticket. You can visit the distillery and explore its mechanism for free.


This is an excellent opportunity for someone who wants to learn the workings of a distillery. The St. Augustine distillery is famous all over North America. Thanks to its use of traditional and modern techniques, the company ensures quality in every bottle it sends to the market.


4- Jack Daniel Distillery

Jack Daniel Distillery

Jack Daniel’s Distillery is America’s most storied and renowned distillery. Founded in 1866, it holds the distinction of being the first registered distillery in the United States. The founder, Jack Daniel, started this company very young. It saw rapid growth, but the later prohibition era affected this business. 


However, it is considered one of the pioneers of the United States today. This distillery is located in Lynchburg, Tennessee. You can book a tour to gain insight into the company and the whiskey-making process. Multiple places are open for visitors, including barrel houses, distillation sites, fermentation tanks, etc.


5- Sagamore Spirit Distillery

Sagamore Spirit Distillery

Sagamore Spirit Distillery is well known for its rye whiskey. Interestingly, whiskey made from this distillery has won many awards. Although it is a relatively newer facility, it does not compromise the quality of its whiskey or other products. This distillery is located on the scenic waterfront of Baltimore, Maryland.


What makes this company interesting for visitors is its five-story distillation tower. Tourists love to explore the tower that controls the distillation process. The company also utilizes the latest techniques during the whiskey-making process. So, it offers an excellent opportunity for someone interested in exploring rye whiskey.


6- Wild Turkey Distillery

Wild Turkey Distillery

This distillery was founded in 1869 and is a prominent name in the USA distillery industry. Thanks to the strong flavor and spicy feel, people love their whiskey. Two brothers, John and Thomas, started the adventure in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky. Today, it has its legacy.


When you visit the Wild Turkey Distillery, you can learn and see how they make their bourbon. As I said, all these distilleries offer guided tours. So, their guide will help you understand the process, from mashing the grains to aging the whiskey in barrels. You’ll also visit their warehouses, where the bourbon barrels are kept.


7- Maker’s Mark Distillery

Maker's Mark Distillery

Interestingly, the founder of this distillery is not known. In 1954, Bill Samuels Sr. bought it from the original owner, who is not documented. However, it is located in Loretto, Kentucky, USA. Although this distillery is very old, it has yet to grow in size. Their focus is on quality instead of quantity.


The bourbon of this distillery is sweet and more similar to vanilla. Their bottles are usually red wax-sealed. This distillery follows the manual (hands-on) method of making whiskey. They don’t use modern technologies and techniques. Both guided and general tours are available. If you want to learn about the unique whisky-making process, go with a guided tour.


8- Heaven Hill Distillery

Heaven Hill Distillery

This distillery is owned and run independently by a family. Founded in 1935, Heaven Hill has made a good name for itself. The location of this business is the same as before: Kentucky. They named it “Heaven Hill” after William Heavenhill, who used to own the land.


This brand produces different types of whiskey, but its bourbon whiskey is the most popular. Other types, such as rye and corn, are also well accepted. This distillery uses old techniques to make its whiskey and takes good care of it while it’s aging.


Undoubtedly, this facility deserves your tour with a guide. You’ll learn everything about their unique way of making sweet-flavored whiskeys. As I said, the company offers products with different tastes. So, if you visit, you will also taste and analyze those.


9- Jim Beam Distillery

Jim Beam Distillery

Jacob Beam founded this distillery in 1795. It grew steadily, but it suffered during the prohibition era. However, James B. Beam revived it after the prohibition period. It won’t be wrong to say that this company saw good and bad times during this journey. It is located in Clermont, Kentucky, USA. 


Many tourists consider it an excellent source for getting information about whiskey processing. The reason is that it is one of the largest bourbon producers globally. So, it has extensive facilities for production, aging, and bottling. Tourists can explore such production facilities and systems and learn much about large-scale whiskey production.


10- George Dickel Distillery

George Dickel Distillery

This distillery attracts many visitors. Its peaceful, scenic surroundings add charm to this place. George A. Dickel, a German immigrant, started it. Today, this company is famous for its unique Tennessee whiskey. However, it offers many other products as well.


As I said, the location of this distillery is a source of attraction. Visitors tour here to experience natural beauty and witness the process of whiskey formation. If you enjoy modern things, this place may not be ideal. This distillery uses classic and manual methods instead of modern technologies.

No matter if you are a newbie or a pro, learning what makes it different from other spirits can be exciting. For more on this, check out the article on the topic Difference Between Vodka, Tequila, and Whiskey to see what makes each drink special.


Do All Distilleries Offer Tours or Tastings for Whiskey Lovers?


Most of the established distilleries in the USA offer tours. However, every startup doesn’t need to allow tourism. All the distilleries mentioned in the above section offer tours. Some are free, while others require a reservation and payment.


Generally, small companies do not encourage tourism because they lack proper infrastructure. On the flip side, established brands happily offer tours because they want to showcase their setup and get acknowledged. At the end of the day, the whole game is to impress the customers.


For example, St. Augustine Distillery offers free tours. You can visit them any day of the week. They don’t charge a penny. This is because they trust their workspace and quality. If a distillery is doing well and is confident, it will love to be tested and toured. 


This is the opposite when a company is unsure about its quality. However, it is recommended that you check the distillery website before going to the exact location. This will help you understand the touring policies of that specific distillery. 


Frequently Asked Questions


What makes a whiskey distillery stand out from the rest?

Ingredient quality and the production process are two main factors. Distilleries that use better ingredients and follow the right process stand out in the competition.


Do these distilleries offer whiskey for purchase on-site?

Yes, most of the above-mentioned distilleries allow on-site purchases. You can buy their products through a gift shop or tasting room.


Are there any age restrictions for visitors to the distilleries?

Yes, you must be older than 21 to participate in the whiskey tastings. However, the individual distillery rules and SOPs can also vary. It would be ideal to ask the rules of the distillery you are visiting.




In the United States, distilleries help both drinkers and the economy. Each distillery’s independent business tries to stand out and make higher profits. I have mentioned 10 top whiskey distilleries in the USA in this guide. They all offer tours so that you can visit them.


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