Top 10 Whisky Bottle Manufacturers


Whiskey has attained the heights of popularity. It’s Not all about the liquid material people love. Instead, the aesthetic packaging, the bottle holding all the whiskey, is crucial. But there are so many whisky bottle manufacturers that it is hard to find the right one. Sometimes, you land a fake company with low-quality glass bottles. To help you ensure safety, we have gone the extra mile in compiling a list of the top 10 whisky bottle manufacturers working worldwide. 


Take a look at our top picks of the whisky bottle manufacturers! 


Quick tips to grab the best whisky bottle manufacturers

If you are looking for a glass bottle manufacturer, there are various factors to consider. These are: 


  • Material/Shape of Bottles

Bottles can comprise plastic or glass. If you want glass liquor bottles, look for the relevant supplier. Most glass manufacturers offer plastic bottles. Moreover, there are different traditional and modern shapes of the bottles. You must choose as per your needs. 

  • Size of Bottles

Liquor bottles range from 50 ml to 3000 ml or up to 5000 ml. Does your supplier have all sizes of bottles? If so, that is great. Otherwise, you should choose a supplier that offers all sizes of bottles you need. 

  • Quality 

Who doesn’t want a quality bottle? Quality is crucial for every individual or business because of product reliability. Therefore, find a glass bottle manufacturer that offers quality products. 


  • Manufacturing Capacity


Sometimes, you need to order hundreds of bottles at a time. What if your supplier does not meet your demands? That can be a big problem if you have a store on Amazon and are continually facing increasing backorders. 


At such a point, find a supplier with sufficient production capacity and meets your demands. 


  • Customization

Designing, branding, and custom packaging are all terrific options for your retail business. Most glass bottle manufacturers offer customization. You should prefer them. 

Top 10 Whisky Bottle Manufacturers


Glass Bottle ManufacturerFoundedLocationEmployees
MG Glass Company19923838 Green Industrial Way, Atlanta, Georgia, 30341, United States<25
Ruisen Bottle20+ yearsDong Men Jie Nan Duan Lu Xi, Yuncheng County, Heze City, Shandong
Saxco International19361855 Gateway Blvd Ste 400, Concord, California, 94520, United States337
Ardagh Group193256 Rue Charles Martel, Luxembourg, Luxembourg, 2134, Luxembourg20,000
Stoelzle182926-28 Keisslergasse, Kien, Upper Austria, 4841, Austria2453
Beatson Clark1751Greasbrough Rd, Rotherham, South Yorkshire, S60 1TZ, United Kingdom345
Estal196723 C/ Ramón Turró 1º, Barcelona, Catalonia, 08005, Spain26
Vetreria Etrusca195370 Via Maremmana, Montelupo Fiorentino, Tuscany, 50056, Italy27
Bormioli Luigi182572 a Viale Europa, Parma, Emilia-Romagna, 43122, Italy159
Glassex India Private Limited 1992Vile Parle, Maharashtra, Mumbai10


1. MG Glass Company

Top 10 Whisky Bottle Manufacturers

MG Glass Company is a Chinese glass bottle manufacturer famous for its whiskey glass bottles. Established in 1992, it has delivered glass whisky bottles globally to its consumers. 


The best thing about their liquor bottles wholesale is the all-in-one services. That means you can request them to design a dream bottle, engrave the structures, and customize the labeling. 


Here are some key benefits of this glass bottle manufacturer. 


  • Full Customization. No matter what design you have in your mind, tell the MG glass company. Their experts will get you the same design. 
  • Quality bottles. Their primary focus is to make top-level liquor bottles. Therefore, strict quality control helps them make it. 


2. Ruisen Glass Bottle Manufacturer

Top 10 Whisky Bottle Manufacturers

Regarding bottle manufacturers, you should never ignore the Ruisen glass bottle manufacturer. It is one of the top Chinese manufacturers working globally and offering glass bottles to its consumers. 20+ years of experience under their belt ensures their reliability and market trust. 


Do you know what is best about them? They have an extensive production setup and guarantee the quality. Plus, you get custom bottle sizes ranging from 50 ml to 3000 ml. 


Some advantages include: 


  • Excellent Quality Control. Ruisen Glass Bottle manufacturer is dedicated to quality. Strict quality control production ensures the premium products. 
  • After Sales Services. They won’t leave you alone until you are 100% satisfied with their services. Timely responses from the team resolve all your issues. 


3. Saxco International

Top 10 Whisky Bottle Manufacturers

Saxco International is another name founded in 1933. For over 90 years in this industry, it has achieved milestones in innovating designs. 


It has its headquarters in California but ships products to Europe and Canadian consumers. Quality packaging bottles include plastic, glass, and various other types. The diversity of bottle options and sizes lets you rely on this supplier for your business. 


Here are some popular features of this glass bottle manufacturer. 


  • Custom manufacturing. Saxco International is a custom bottle manufacturer. Let them know your requirements, and their experts will get your desired design. 
  • Customer priority. They aim at 100% customer satisfaction. You can rely on them for your business and get quality solutions. 


4. Ardagh Group

Top 10 Whisky Bottle Manufacturers

Ardagh Group is a pioneer in the glass and metal industry. It was founded in 1932 and has 90+ years under its belt. This glass bottle manufacturer offers a variety of options for businesses. For example, you get whisky, vodka, rum, and tequila bottles to fulfill all your needs. 


With 100+ manufacturing plants in 22+ countries, it is no less than a big deal for this manufacturer. Their R&D team is impressive and ready to undertake innovations and launch various liquor bottles. 


Here are some peculiar features of this supplier. 


  • Quality manufacturing. Their glass bottles comprise a quality material and are durable. It is a massive opportunity for your business to build trust. 
  • Customization. This glass bottle manufacturer allows the complete customization of the bottles. 


5. Stoelzle

Whisky Bottle Manufacturers

It has a long history of bottle manufacturing since 1829. They aim to provide sustainable packaging solutions. Unique and innovative design ideas for bottles make them a famous glass bottle manufacturer globally. 


There are many benefits of this liquor bottle manufacturer. Take a look! 


  • Eco-friendly bottles. Stoelzle has an eye on eco-friendly solutions to avoid adverse environmental impacts. So, you’ll get a trusted environment for your business. 
  • Premium packaging. Customized packaging will give a boost to your business. 


6. Beatson Clark

Whisky Bottle Manufacturers

Beatson Clark is a UK-based glass bottle manufacturer specializing in bottle production for multiple industries. 270+ years of experience makes them a big deal in this industry. Moreover, they have a variety of glass bottles for different types of liquor. 


Take a look at why it is the best! 


  • Unique Design. If you want something extraordinary, Beatson Clark must be on your list. It produces unique designs of glass bottles. 
  • High-Quality bottles. Their bottle quality is unquestioned. You get premium bottles from this supplier. 


7. Estal

Whisky Bottle Manufacturers

Estal philosophy on innovation, quality, and design is quite marvelous. That is why they are so popular not only in Spain but also in the European region. 


Founded in 1967, it customizes glass bottles in multiple sizes and shapes. Let’s have a look at why it is popular! 


  • Variety of bottles. It has almost all types of bottles suited for your business. You can increase your branded bottle collections. 
  • Full customization. You can customize your liquor bottles and convert dreams into reality. 


8. Vetreria Etrusca

Whisky Bottle Manufacturers

Vetreria Etrusca is an Italian company founded in 1953. Since then, it has offered wholesale bottles with complete customization. A variety of bottles and different sizes allow you to keep an eye on various bottle designs. 


Here are some key features of this glass bottle manufacturer. 


  • Glass bottle Wholesale. Wholesale prices can save you some bucks. That is a fantastic bargain! 
  • Custom bottles. It allows customization of the bottles. So you are at ease. 


9. Bormioli Luigi

Whisky Bottle Manufacturers

Bormioli Luigi is a family-owned company that has been running for centuries. It was founded in 1825 and still furnishes quality bottles in this industry. 


The dedication to modern and new styles of bottles has uplifted their business reputation and made them super famous. Not only whisky bottles but also glass jars and containers are their popular items. 


Some popular reasons are: 


  • Variety of options. They offer a variety of glass bottles to ease you up! 
  • Innovative designs. Unique designs help you make a distinct brand identity. 


10. Glassex India Private Limited

Whisky Bottle Manufacturers

In India, glassex stands out to be the sole supplier of glass bottles. It is an all-inclusive manufacturer that sells packaging offers in one place. 


Their devoted team makes sure new designs and innovative product ideas. Apart from bottles, they sell soft drinks.


Here is why they are popular. 


  • Cheap prices. Their costs are not very high. So you’ll make more profits by reselling their products. 
  • Customization. You fetch customization for your bottle products. 



Finding a quality custom glass bottle manufacturer can be a big deal! Do you know why? Because of careful research and your specific demands for the bottles. All these factors impact the overall research process. 


However, no problem. Ruisen Glass bottle manufacturer is here to help you out. You can get whatever bottle size you want and customize the packaging suited to your brand— Easy promotion of your brands. More deals are on the way. 


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