Top 10 Glass Bottle Manufacturers in Canada



Glass packaging has emerged as the favorite tool in the packaging industry. Do you know why? All praise for safe packaging, robust material, and no spilling risks. Plus, it offers safety packaging for liquids and solids. One more positive point — it is health-friendly with no toxicity risks, unlike plastic packaging, which increases the chances of cancer. Do you want to buy the glass bottles? For that, you must have the glass bottle suppliers. Not just random and ordinary suppliers. Instead, top choices. We have top 10 glass bottle manufacturers in Canada in this blog. 


Top 10 glass bottle manufacturers in Canada


Finding good company takes a lot of struggle and control on the nerves. But don’t worry because we have solved this issue by creating a detailed list of the top 10 glass bottle manufacturers in Canada. 


Don’t get blindfolded by one or two features of a company. Instead, take a close look. Know what is best for your interests. 


Here are some tips as a bonus. 


  • Look upon your business needs. 
  • Find a reliable supplier. 
  • Check costs. 
  • Know whether they offer quality or not. 
  • Learn about the customization processes. 
  • Get quotes from multiple suppliers to narrow your research and find the best company. 
  • Finally, read feedback from the previous customers. It will ensure you are on the right path with the right supplier. 


With these tips, you can find an enlightening glass bottle manufacturer for your business. 


Let’s take a look at our list of top 10.


Roy+LeClair1960Sident 550 Rte Pr Vis, Pintendre, Quebec, G6C 1M9, Canada<25
StanPac19492790 Thompson Rd, Smithville, Ontario, L0R 2A0, Canada413
AmPak19544225 Autoroute Des Laurentides, Laval, Quebec, H7L 5W5, Canada300
Owen-Illinois19032376 Wellington St, Montreal, Quebec H3K 1X6, Canada25000
Pegasus1968211 Shearson Cres, Cambridge, Ontario, N1T 1J5, Canada<25
Consolidated Container Company2003Unorganized North Cochrane District, ON P0T 2L0, Canada2157
Cole Parmer19552500 Rue Jean-Perrin #100, Québec City, QC G2C 1X1, Canada1000
Stoney Creek2009504 Kenora Ave, Hamilton, Ontario, L8E 3X8, Canada<25
United Bottles and Packaging19941400 Boul Dagenais O, Laval, Quebec, H7L 5C7, Canada<25
TricorBraun1902141 New Huntington Rd Unit 3, Woodbridge, ON L4H 0P5, Canada2000


 1. Roy+LeClair

Roy+LeClair Top 10 Glass Bottle Manufacturers in

Roy+LeClair is one of the renowned glass bottle manufacturers in CANADA, having a quality manufacturing bottles setup. They have a bigger capacity, accepting up to a million bottle orders. 


It commenced its journey with plastic bottles and soon entered the glass bottle manufacturing industry. 


Here are the benefits of Roy+LeClair. 


  • Quality manufacturing Setup. There are no questions about the quality at all. Their glass bottles have already passed the standards set by the Canadian Health Overseers. 
  • Large Capacity. They have a bigger production capacity, producing thousands of units in a single day. Expect more extensive projects with quality. 


  2. Stanpac

StanPac Top 10 Glass Bottle Manufacturers in Canada

Have you heard of Stanpac as a top glass bottle manufacturer in Canada? Located in Smallville, the company is matchless in the industry. 


From providing packaging materials to supplying the glass bottles, anticipate it to be your one-stop solution. No more hassles for wandering the suppliers when Stanpac can ship products to the US, Canada, and South America. 


Here is why you should choose it. 


  • Customized Packaging. If you are a brand, acknowledge the bumper offer of customized packaging. It can skyrocket your free business promotions. 
  • Affordable Costs. Stanpac offers lower prices to their consumers. It can be a profitable deal if you are looking for an excellent business with this supplier. 


  3. Ampak

AmPak Top 10 Glass Bottle Manufacturers in Canada

Regarding custom glass bottle manufacturers in Canada, Ampak pops up at the top. With a quality manufacturing bottles system, foresee nothing less than world-class quality bottles.


It has more than 60 years of experience in the glass bottle industry. And produce products such as glass jars and containers. You can grab wine bottles, too. 


Here is why this supplier is on the top. 


  • Premium Packaging. Its packaging is tailored to your business and entices consumers to buy your inventory. So, you get more business. 
  • Quality manufacturing. Quality is exceptional, letting you advertise your business with a chain of referrals in a trusted environment. 


  4. Owen-Illinois

Owen-Illinois Top 10 Glass Bottle Manufacturers in Canada

Don’t forget the name of Own-Illinois in the list of custom glass bottle manufacturers in Canada. It was an award-winning company in 2010 for its uniquely designed glass bottles. 


It started its business in the US but later opened branches in Canada. With two firms, you fetch tailored solutions for your business. 


Here are some key benefits for your business. 


  • Sustainable products. Owen-Illinois company believes in eco-friendly solutions. That is why their manufacturing systems deploy eco-friendly production of glass bottles. It brings up good consumer attention. 
  • Unique designs. Overlook the repetitive designs tarnishing your brand reputation. Their unique designs will make your business distinct compared to other brands. 


  5. Pegasus


Do you want glass bottle manufacturers who provide borosilicate glasses? Then, welcome Pegasus, which offers this rare type of glass manufacturing. 


Pegasus started as a chemical company in 1968 and expanded its business into the glass industry in 1970 when it acquired a glasswork company. Since then, it has not looked back and grew its worth three times more. 


Why should you choose it? Here. 


  • Diversity of Glass products. They have a variety of glass products. That is huge when you have a brand and want to expand your inventory. 
  • Competitive prices. Prices are a total bargain. Enjoy cheaper rates and higher margins. 


  6. Consolidated Container Company

Consolidated Container Company

One of the oldest companies in glass bottle manufacturing is the Consolidated Container Company. It has 100+ years of experience in the glass industry and offers various types of bottles. 


Different sizes and bottle designs give you flexibility in the products and catered options. It offers packaging facilities to many pharmaceutical companies. 


Here are the pros of this company. 


  • Customized Products. They allow the brands to customize the bottle packaging. That erupts as a huge opportunity when you want customer-focused solutions. Success and more sales happen. 
  • Quality production. They have a production setup with standardized glass bottles. Quality glasses can positively symbolize your brand. 


  7. Cole Parmer


Having over 65 years of experience, Cole Palmer is a top glass bottle manufacturer in Canada. It just does not restrict its production to glass bottles. Instead, you get the polyethylene and polypropylene packaging also. 


Most of their bottles are used for labs and science-related works. You can get as low as 30 ml. 


Here are the pros of Cole Palmer. 


  • Premium quality. Their glass bottle manufacturing material is durable. Therefore, it offers glass bottles to labs for experimenting and pouring chemicals into them. 
  • Best rates. Prices are competitive compared to its competitors. That saves you some bucks and manages profit margins. 


  8. Stoney Creek glass

Stoney Creek

It is a big name in the glass market of Canada. Stoney Creek glass manufacturers in Canada have skilled professionals who work with the workers to craft the perfect bottles that are pretty durable. 


With years of experience in the glass industry, they are producing premium quality bottles. Unique designs will surely enchant you. 


Here are some noticeable things about it. 


  • In-House design. They have a specialized design team ready to get you the dream design bottles you want. 
  • Good quality. Stoney Creek bottle quality is always on the top. You can shine your bottle packaging with this glass bottle company. 


  9. United Bottles and packaging

United Bottles and Packaging

In North America, United Bottle exists as a top manufacturer and ships products to Canadian consumers. It has operated since 1994 and offers milk, beverages, and food packaging materials. 


An extensive selection of bottles will create a comfy environment and focused bottle deals. 


The best part? 


  • Excellent customer service. Whatever problem you’ve got with their products or have any queries, knock on their doors. They give faster replies and instant solutions. You’ll surely love it. 
  • Customized products. Customized bottles are a specialty of this glass bottle maker. You get tailored solutions as per business needs. 


  10. TrichorBarun


In the glass industry, Trichorbarun names echo in every consumer’s brain. All credit to the customized solutions combined with the innovative products. It has a 100-year legacy and provided glass packaging to consumers for the past 10 years. 


In Canada, it is a stop shop for packaging, innovative ideas, and tailored solutions. 


What is more? 


  • Diversity of the Glass bottles. They offer unique styles and sub-styles of the different bottle designs. Plus, their long list of glass bottle types is quite impressive. 
  • Cost-effective. If you want a combination of pricing and quality, keep this glass bottle company on your list. It offers good quality at an affordable rate. 




Landing the best company among these options is sometimes challenging. Is that true for you? 


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